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Which dog bed will work for a large dog?

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Choosing the right dog bed is a very important issue, not only for visual reasons. The right shape, size and thickness are important depending on the age, size and activity of the pet. Every owner of a four-legged dog is well aware of the importance of regeneration and a sense of security. If you are considering a bed for your pet – here are some valuable tips and information. Find out how to choose a bed for a large dog and what to pay special attention to.


Different breeds, different needs

As a dog’s guardian, you surely know how important it is to have a comfortable place for your pet to rest undisturbed and in comfort. The choice of bedding is a complex matter that requires knowledge to find a solution adapted to your pet’s needs. Depending on the breed and size of the dog, as well as its activity, the bedding should be of a comfortable size and made of high-quality materials. It is obvious that Yorkies, Maltese or Miniature Hounds have completely different needs and expectations from large breeds such as Labradors, Border Collies, Rottweilers or German Shepherds. The space for them to rest should be much larger and the bed material must create a stable base for their muscles and bones.


Large dog bed – key features

A well-chosen bed for a large dog should be the right size to facilitate trouble-free resting. Before making a decision, measure your pet carefully from the base of the tail to the end of the muzzle, adding 20 centimetres. The measurement obtained is the minimum size of bed on which your dog will feel comfortable and can easily stretch his whole body. As for the width of the bed, it should be large enough to accommodate both the head and the torso. Bear in mind that a dog bed that is too small will take away from the comfort of your dog’s rest, and your pet may look for a suitable place on the sofa or in the bed. You will find many interesting solutions on the market to make the best choice. Examples include:

  • pontoons;
  • oval beds with sides;
  • cushions;
  • sofas and couches;
  • rectangular beds;
  • mattresses.

Comfortable bedding adapted to

Large and active dog breeds require proper rest to aid recovery and ensure excellent physical condition. Orthopaedic mattresses are the ideal solution in this regard. These types of products, made from specialised memory sponges, allow the shape of the bed to be adapted to your pet’s body.

You are certainly aware that large and active dogs are more prone to all kinds of injuries, some of them also suffer from bone ailments caused by genetic load. In this situation, the best solution and help is an orthopaedic dog bed, which guarantees help for the spine and joints. The high-quality materials used in their manufacture allow even ailing and elderly pets to rest comfortably.


A large dog bed can be eco!

Animal lovers are very often looking for eco-friendly products that have been made in a sustainable and environmentally safe way. Dog beds made from recycled materials are the perfect solution, emphasising an eco-friendly approach to life and concern for both pets and the planet. Extremely comfortable, with a modern design and functional, this dog bed is an essential part of any animal lover’s home!

Give the gift of comfort to your pet

The safety and comfort of the dog is an important issue for every owner. Adequate regeneration, stability of the spine and bones are elements which are important for maintaining excellent physical condition. If you are looking for a modern, ecological and comfortable bedding – visit and choose a bedding tailored to your pet’s needs! In our offer you will find orthopaedic mattresses, beds, kennels, carrier bags and many other necessary accessories for dogs and cats! All our products are characterised by modern design, durability and functionality. Visit the online shop and choose the bedding that will guarantee your pet trouble-free relaxation and rest!

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