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Lair in the form of a fabric kennel. For your dog, but also for your cat!

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Bedding is an essential part of the home where dogs and cats live. Every owner is well aware that a pet, regardless of species, should have its own place to rest and relax. The most frequently chosen solution in recent times are beds in the form of mattresses and cushions, which, made with the right filling, provide a soft and comfortable place for your pet to rest. If you are wondering what type of bedding will be best and how to choose the right model – find out about our designer fabric kennels. Below you will find a brief description and a number of key benefits.


Fabric shed – an alternative not only for dogs

Domestic cats are animals that definitely have an opinion of their own. Owners of these pets are well aware that they need sufficient space and time to themselves. You certainly know that a litter tray and a suitable scratching post are essential cat equipment. However, if you are concerned about comfort and meeting all the needs of your pet – a cat bed or cat box will be the right solution. This type of bedding works best for all pet pets, being an asylum for them and a place of undisturbed peace and quiet.

The most important advantages of the dog and cat bed-bed

Fabric dog and cat kennels are a modern solution that is gaining in popularity. Their main advantages are primarily:

  • closed construction in the form of a mink;
  • protection against cold and sudden temperature changes;
  • high quality workmanship, guaranteeing comfort and convenience;
  • universal design.

Lairs in the form of a fabric kennel are definitely one of the most comfortable solutions. Models made of soft materials can become your pet’s favourite place to relax.


An intimate, quiet place for your pet

The modern and functional fabric kennel for your dog or cat is a safe solution especially for timid animals. Shy animals can find peace of mind inside in times of stress. Up & down models are a versatile 2-in-1 solution. The special two-part construction allows the bed to be folded into a kennel or unfolded into an open bed.

Surely you know how important a place of its own is for your pet. This is where he will find security and peace in the event of sudden noises and stress, while being able to observe his surroundings.

Easy to keep clean

Fabric dog and cat kennels made of easy clean material are products that are characterised by effortless cleanliness. You can easily remove excess hair, dust and saliva from the bedding. The materials used for this type of kennel are mould- and moisture-resistant. If you want your pet’s comfort and peace of mind, but also tidiness and easy hygiene, a fabric kennel is definitely the best solution.

Design, ecology and quality in one

Kennel beds in the form of a fabric kennel are a universal design that will fit in with the character of any interior. The codura material used to manufacture them is a high-quality upholstery solution which is resistant to biting and scratching. Up & down bedding is a modern and functional bed, even when travelling. Thanks to their light weight and durability, they can be successfully used both in the car and on other means of transport. The two-part model makes it easy to convert the bed into a kennel, allowing you to create a comfortable resting place.


Give the bed to your pet

Surely you know how important it is for your pet to rest comfortably and feel secure. The right bed, made of high-quality materials, is an essential accessory for every dog or cat owner. If you are looking for modern and designer solutions – visit the Rexproduct brand website and discover the bedding we offer. Among our products, you will find comfortable fabric kennels, orthopaedic beds, carrier bags, cushions and mattresses. We are animal lovers and we know perfectly well how to satisfy their needs and expectations! Check out the details of our offer and complete the accessories which will take care of the comfort and joy of every pet.

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