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Caring for your dog and cat during the holidays. What is worth bearing in mind?

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Many pet guardians take their pets with them on holidays, weekend trips or holidays. However, this is not always an option. It all depends on the travel time and the number of hours spent on the plane or train. There are also many other factors that make it impossible to take your beloved pet with you. In such a situation, it is essential to make sure that the pet is properly looked after in the owner’s absence. If you are wondering how to organise someone to help and which solutions to use, here are our tried and tested tips! Find out what a petsitter’s job is and how a cat should be looked after while on holiday!


When you are planning a holiday

Adequate dog care versus holidays is an issue that spends a lot of sleep on the minds of four-legged owners. Many pets can be unwell and uncomfortable during separation due to the absence of a loved one. Proper care, ensuring appropriate activity, playtime and maintenance of the current daily routine is essential to maintain a sense of security and a better mental state for the pet. For those planning a weekend getaway as well as a two-week holiday, there are a number of options that make it easier to organise care while on holiday.

How do you plan pet care?

Planning a trip and caring for a dog or cat are issues that should go hand in hand. You should already be thinking about your pet from the moment you set your holiday date. Nowadays, the care options available are mainly:

  • family and friends;
  • the services of a petsitter;
  • a pet hotel.

Many hotels or petsitters may have busy schedules, so it is worth finding out in advance to be sure that your dog or cat will be well looked after during your holiday. Using family and friends also involves properly early planning. In both cases, it is important to catch up on schedules so that your holiday time does not clash with other things.


The services of a petsitter or help from relatives

The most common solution for providing care for a cat or dog is through family and friends. It is very common for four-legged owners to enlist their help, which consists of temporarily relocating the animal or regularly visiting it at home, providing attractions and taking care of its physiological needs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the help of loved ones. Some carers praise the services of specialist petsitters, who look after the animal in the pet’s home or in their own premises. The advantage of both is the constant human contact, the sense of security and the attention they do not have to share with other charges. Many owners, wanting to keep their pet comfortable and entertained, opt for a combination of both – leaving the dog with the family and purchasing additional walks with a petsitter.

Pet hotel

The pet hotel is another option that has recently become a very popular solution, which comes in two models. The first is the so-called ‘home hotel’, and the service is provided by a family with their own pets, The time spent together is similar to everyday conditions. The second model is a hotel with separate rooms where dogs can rest peacefully. Despite regular activity and walks, the animals do not have constant contact with humans, which can have a negative impact on their emotional state. When choosing this solution, the animal should be gradually accustomed to separation during short visits.

Take your dog or cat on a journey together!

It is obvious that many dog and cat owners cannot imagine going away and going on holiday without their pets. Therefore, it is very important to transport them safely. A well-chosen transport bag for your dog or cat is a guarantee for a comfortable journey, whether by train or car. If you are looking for high-quality products – explore all the models available at


Advice for four-legged lovers from Rexproduct

It has not been known for a long time that both cat and dog are man’s friend. Their attachment visible at every turn is a response to unconditional love. On the blog, you will find lots of valuable advice and tips that will allow you to plan a trip with your pet or provide care for them in your absence without any problems.

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