All our product are designed and manufactured in Europe

The offer of our store was created with love for pets, as well as pro-environmental solutions. As a manufacturer of accessories for animals, we pay special attention to the choice of materials at the design stage. We focus on responsible business, which is why the articles available in our assortment are natural and ecological. We offer beds and material kennels for dogs and cats made with care for the comfortable rest of pets. We also remember about pets traveling with their owners. Transport bags and natural chews for dogs ensure stress-free transport of Your pet.

In the Rexproduct store You can buy animal accessories made and sewn in Europe. Choose an ecological solution!

Orthopedic bed for a dog

If Your pet requires special care, choose a couch that will ensure regeneration. The orthopedic dog bed available in our offer will be perfect for convalescence after injuries. Provides natural support for the body and reduces tension. In our sewing rooms, we use fabrics that are soft and pleasant to the touch, which, despite intensive use, do not lose their orthopedic properties.

Thanks to shopping in Rexproduct store, you will get full equipment for your pet, including teether toys. Our material dog huts will be a great complement to an orthopedic bed. Pets love covered beds to keep them safe. A moment of rest in the kennel allows your pet to calm down. A natural dog teether made of BIO deer antlers and organic cotton ropes will be useful for the time of play.

Ecological cat beds

Importantly, the manufacturer also remembers about fur feline companions! Ecological accessories and transport bags are made of selected fabrics with proven durability, thanks to which they show high resistance to tearing. Despite scratching, the bedding material retains its compact structure and aesthetic appearance for years.

We are a manufacturer that also pays attention to the design of accessories for animals. Our inspiration is classic the Scandinavian style. Thanks to the care for aesthetic values, in the store you will buy a transport bag and an ecological cat bed that will fit into your interior design.