Natural dog chews

Toys for your family pet don’t have to be plastic. Natural dog chews sold in the Rexproduct store are safe accessories, during the production of which no animal was harmed. They satisfy the need to chew, pull and tug, and on top of that clean the teeth. See how you can give your dog a long and joyful playtime.

Hard dog chews made of natural materials

– Hard dog chews made of natural materials Lost antler products, such as our hard dog chews, do not burden the environment. This is not only because they are created without harming any animal. They are also eco-friendly due to the fact that, unlike plastic toys, they are manufactured without any harmful additives. This also makes them safe for pets to chew and lick.

– The products are made from carefully selected, cleaned and sterilized antlers of fallow deer, elk, often cut along the marrow. The hard and rough interior of the chews delights the pet with its smell, which for humans is almost undetectable. In addition, the spongy texture of the dry marrow gently removes plaque, improving the hygiene of the dog’s mouth.

Our natural products:

– do not cause allergic reactions,
– do not lead to digestive problems,
– do not contain harmful substances,
– improve metabolism and blood circulation,
– are a source of proteins, fats, collagen and minerals.

Healthy and hard treats are perfect as snacks for long trips, as well as a consolation in stressful situations. They help to relax and give dogs an interesting occupation. Pets who spend a lot of time alone, or who are so young enough that they are not yet in control of their urge to bite. 

Made of natural antler and rope fragments made of organic cotton, the hard chews for dog respond to the need to chew, bite and tug. It helps the animal to calm down, and you – protect your home furnishings from the teeth of a stressed or bored pet. Take a look at what accessories we have prepared for your pet. 

Eco-friendly dog toys

What should dog toys be like? Their attractive appearance and interesting functions are not at all the most important things. Accessories for your pet must be safe, and therefore created from carefully selected natural materials. It is good for them to be manufactured with respect to the environment and from raw materials that decompose. If on top of that they make the pet a lot of fun, then they are certainly suitable for him.

Toys - essential accessories for your pet

The life of a domestic pet is not just lounging in a doghouse or on a recliner. Dogs need activity in the form of running, chewing and tugging, as well as mental exercise. That’s why a dog toy should be sturdily made, resistant to damage and interesting. At the same time, it must consist of such raw materials that will not harm the animal if it swallows parts.

Special products for entertainment are even essential if you care about the all-round development and well-being of your ward. Spending time together playing with your pet
brings many benefits. Toys make your dog:

improves motor skills,
which translates into his physical health,
develops his intellectual competence,
cleans his teeth through frequent chewing causing increased saliva production, feels cared for and loved through contact with his owner, relaxes and gets rid of tension caused by stress 

Eco-friendly and natural dog toys

Doggies love balls, squeaky animals or interactive articles that aid the development of logical thinking. Also popular among friendly quadrupeds are all plush accessories. Rexproduct’s offer includes, among others, Bone dog toys made from recycled PET bottle foam, available in three sizes and four colors.

The natural articles for four-legged dogs are in line with modern, eco-friendly trends, which are close to many pet-loving people. Take a look at the Rexproduct brand’s suggestions and choose accessories that will make your charge feel happy and relaxed.

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