Carrying bags for dogs and cats

Is your pet afraid of examinations or injections and refuses to go for a walk towards the vet’s office? ? If you are tired of carrying your several-pound friend on your shoulders, try a solidly sewn carrier. Durable and made of the best quality materials dog transport bag is an item that is also useful for owners of cats and other small pets.

Durable dog carrier bag

Created from polyurethane foam, nubuck and eco leather, the dog carrier bag is significantly different It differs from an ordinary carrier. It is equipped with a collar clip suspended on a rubber band,
which protects the pet from the risk of falling or jumping out of the carrier. The materials from which it was sewn are easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage. The carrier works well in both hot and cold weather, as well as a safe carrier for transporting your pet by car, bicycle or public transport. 

The interior of the carrier bags is lined with polyester fabric, so it does not get damaged during carrying, even when in contact with sharp claws. The articles are available in three sizes and two color options. Their metal components, such as buckles and snap hooks, were made of solid nickel-plated steel. In addition, the comfort use of our carriers is improved by:

  • zippers that allow you to thoroughly wrap your dog,
  • a cut-out for his head, so that he can observe his surroundings during the trip,
  • additional pockets for accessories of the pet or its owner,
  • handles that can be connected together to make carrying the pet even more comfortable.

Convenient bag for carrying your pet

Give your friend the comfort of travel. Sturdy carry bags for Rexproduct dog bags provide a tired or sick pet with a moment of rest, while they to a frightened pet, they give a sense of security from the proximity of the owner. Waterproof and wind-protective materials from which they are sewn make these carriers suitable for many occasions, not only for a visit to the vet.wania. 

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