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How to travel safely with a feline companion?

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A trip with your dog, whether to the vet or on holiday, seems like nothing strange – for the most part, dogs tolerate long distances well. It is completely different with cats! These are animals that value their own territory and get stressed when they leave their home or flat. Usually, travelling with a cat is therefore quite a challenge. First of all, it is important to get the right accessories to ensure your pet’s comfort and convenience during the trip – a carrier or a practical carrier bag. You can also teach your cat to travel calmly. Find out how to do it!


Travelling with a cat – a challenge for many carers

There are many situations in which it becomes necessary to transport your pet safely. Travelling with your cat is sometimes a necessity, but if your pet is no longer afraid, the journey will become enjoyable for both you and your cat. The greatest source of stress for a transported animal is unfamiliar stimuli with high intensity. Added to this is being confined in a cramped carrier or transport bag, which for the cat means not being able to escape and hide in a safe place. Not surprisingly, instinct takes over and the animal becomes frustrated, stressed and frightened. Can this be avoided?

How do you prepare your cat for a planned trip?

The key is proper preparation! A journey with your cat (unless it is an emergency trip to the vet) is best planned well in advance. This will give you time to familiarise your pet with both the carrier itself and the outside world. How do you prepare your pet for the trip? First and foremost:

  • get a comfortable cat carrier bag or a carrier sized to fit your pet,
  • place them in a visible and easily accessible place in the house, so that your pet becomes accustomed to their sight and smell,
  • encourage your cat (preferably with treats) to go inside,
  • take him for short walks in the carrier as often as possible.

Remember, repetitive events and routine give your pet a sense of security. Regular travel with your cat over short distances in a carrier that your pet knows and likes allows you to take advantage of the phenomenon of habituation – that is, desensitisation to a particular stimulus.


Safety and psychological comfort of the cat during travel

When travelling with your pet, the most important thing is to take care of your pet’s safety. What should you pay attention to before travelling together? First and foremost:

  • the carrier or transport bag for your cat should be of high quality, without dangerous parts and of high durability and resistance to damage,
  • make sure that such accessories are firmly closed and stand still during the journey,
  • have your cat microchipped in case it escapes!

And how do you ensure your pet’s mental comfort during the journey? Your cat will be most comfortable in a familiar carrier, which will allow it to observe its surroundings but also provide privacy. This is why carrier bags are such a good option. The cat can stick its head out of them and keep an eye on what is going on around it, or hide in its cosy interior.

A carry bag to facilitate joint outings

Above all, well-chosen pet transport accessories are responsible for your pet’s comfort during the trip. An excellent idea is to purchase a well-designed cat carrier bag. This is a form of soft carrier that will not only allow your pet to lie down comfortably, but will also allow it to look outside. At Rexproduct you will find modern cat products that will definitely make it easier for you to transport or relocate your pet safely, are easy to clean and very comfortable to carry.


Pet accessories to make everyday life easier

Every feline carer wants to make a joint trip comfortable for their pet too. Fortunately, it is possible! All it takes is a little practice and buying the right equipment. To make your cat’s journey more pleasant, you can put your cat’s favourite accessories in the carrier – for animals, familiar and well-loved objects are often a source of security. This could be a blanket, a cushion or a favourite toy. Of course, remember not to overdo the quantity, after all, there must be room left in the carrier bag… for the cat! In our shop, you will find unique products to make your travels together safe and enjoyable.

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