Eco-friendly dog and cat kennels for the household

Are you looking for a shelter for your pet, where he will comfortably lay down when he needs a moment of rest? Animals, just like us, sometimes need a moment of privacy, so it is important to provide them with the right conditions for resting. A comfy house that they will love from the first time they lay down, and you will appreciate it for its extraordinary functionality.

Dog kennels for home - take care of your pet's comfortable sleep

Aesthetic design and practicality are masterfully combined in each of our designs. Whether you choose a fabric dual-purpose model or a standard, you get a product that is easy to clean and highly durable. A soft kennel for your dog is at the same time a super-comfortable piece of equipment for your four-legged family member. At Rexproduct, thanks to the different size variants, you can easily adjust it to the size of your pet. Its new minimalist design will help you furnish your home modern and fashionable. From now on you don’t have to choose an unaesthetic dog kennel. An excellent the solution will be a fabric kennel for your dog, which will occupy a nice corner in your home. Choose a fabric house that both of you will like! Trust our designers and choose products made with great care and love for animals.

Eco-friendly kennels and dog
and cat beds

You will find beautiful, home-appropriate soft dog kennels, which are sewn from fabrics that are very easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Many of them were created from recycled materials and provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic dog beds.

We have taken care of a lot of universal color versions, which will fit perfectly into
any interior, especially Scandinavian. In our catalog you will find both designs
with the appearance of a classic dog-house, as well as innovative ones that will bring a touch of modernity. Of course, our designers also kept in mind the comfort of pets. They made sure that the soft bedding will serve your dog the same way for many years.

We could not miss solutions with maximum functionality, namely the 2-in-1 option, which can be easily transformed from a bed into a fabric kennel. 

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