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See how to prepare your layette and home for the arrival of your puppy

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Decisive – you will soon have a dog living with you. So organise all the necessary accessories in advance. Bed, collar, leash, hard chews… What else will you need? We help you complete your layette and prepare your home for your puppy!

The decision has been made!

It is easy to make the decision to take home a shaggy friend. The next step is to create a comfortable space for your four-legged friend. A well-chosen dog bed is essential, but this is only part of the puppy’s layette. See what exactly should be on your shopping list!

What should be in a puppy layette?

Firstly: the bed. A puppy needs its own place to sleep and rest. A comfortable, safe, eco-friendly bed – we’re betting that’s what your dog would choose. Look for bedding made of hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex® certified materials. Before you buy, check how to size the bedding to your dog’s size.

What else will you need?

  1. A leash and a comfortable collar – preferably a soft leather one with adjustable girth.
  2. A set of two bowls – for food and water.
  3. A brush – puppy hair is easiest to comb out with a natural bristle brush.

Remember also that a young dog likes to play with absolutely… everything! Shoes are particularly interesting, but not only shoes. Blankets, cushions and anything else that happens to be within the dog’s reach are also popular. So think about toys for your puppy. Invest in natural dog chews, mascots or balls that your puppy can chase at will and you will avoid unnecessary waste.

The most important rules for preparing your home before your pet arrives

It’s time to rearrange your home space. Preparing your home for a puppy is a real logistical operation in places. So here are some tips on how to go about it!

A peaceful place for a dog bed

Just as important as choosing the perfect bed is choosing where to put the dog’s bed. The dog should get used to “his” corner from the beginning. It must not be a random place, let alone one that is uncomfortable for him for some reason. Following this line of thought, open spaces are a bad idea. So are places next to a radiator – it will be too hot there in winter. If, on the other hand, you locate the bed in the bedroom, while it is in the kitchen that domestic life takes place, it is almost certain that the puppy… will not use his bed very often.

A dog bed hidden behind the kitchen door or in a corner from which the world cannot be observed? That might not work either! Dogs need their own space, but at the same time they like to keep an eye on everything and everyone. So look for a secluded spot, but one from which your pooch can keep an eye on his surroundings.

Elimination of dangerous objects

Puppies are curious by nature and also very imaginative. It’s therefore a good idea to provide a safe space around your puppy.

  1. Try to keep furniture as close to the wall as possible.
  2. Secure curtains and drapes.
  3. Check the stability of floor lamps and other items that can be easily knocked down.

Bury dangerous objects. Cables and small items which can be swallowed must be kept out of the dog’s reach. Many species we keep at home have poisonous leaves. Not sure? As a precaution, place the pot higher up or bring it into a room where the dog will not have access.

Floor protection

When a dog comes into the house, it means an extra dose of joy in a package with extra… cleaning. It will take some time before the puppy learns to let you know he needs to go outside. From the first days, it is of course worth working on teaching him cleanliness in the house. However, think about protecting your wooden floors in advance. You can, for example, coat them with an environmentally friendly impregnator. This way, no stains are left on the wood. An impregnated parquet floor is another plus: it has a much better grip, so your dog’s paws will slip less.

A puppy in the home is a joy, but also a responsibility

A four-legged buddy in the house is of course a duty, but also a powerful dose of warmth. The more you know about your new friend’s needs, the more in tune you will make a tandem. Do a little reading and you will better understand the dog world. In the meantime, take a look at Rexproduct and complete your puppy’s layette now. You will find eco-friendly kennels, beds, carriers, hard dog chews and much more – check it out!

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