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Does your dog have health problems? Choose an orthopaedic bed

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Orthopaedic problems in pets can result not only from their age, but also from an incorrect diet, genetic conditions, injuries or anatomical characteristics related to the specific breed. A well-chosen medical bed for your dog will allow you to take care of prevention and, if necessary, ensure full comfort, convenience and safety for your sick pet. Find out what special orthopaedic beds have to offer and when you should decide to buy them!


Everyone’s best friend

Pets are treated by many people as friends or even family members. Every dog keeper wants his or her pet to live a long life, be disease-free and enjoy a great deal of wellbeing. This is why so much importance is now attached to prevention and the earliest possible diagnosis in the event of health problems in the animal – this also applies to orthopaedic conditions. Taking care of your pet’s health is not only about diet and exercise, but also about choosing the right accessories that enable your dog to function comfortably on a daily basis.

Orthopaedic dog bed – when should you opt for one?

A change of bedding may be necessary when your pet starts to become ill. Remember, if you notice any worrying symptoms in your pet, such as lameness and apathy, it is essential to consult your vet. A quick diagnosis, the introduction of treatment and the selection of a suitable orthopaedic bed will give your dog the chance to feel better and recover quickly. Statistically, musculoskeletal disorders affect as many as one fifth of the pet population! The most common orthopaedic diseases among pets are:

  • joint degeneration,
  • hip and elbow dysplasia,
  • rickets
  • discopathy,
  • arthritis resulting from tick-borne diseases.

Purchasing a special medical bed for your dog will also be a good decision if your pet has calluses and sores, is recovering from an illness or is recovering from surgery. This is a time when he or she especially needs comfort and a sense of comfort and security. These types of bedding are easy to keep clean – important when hygiene care is a priority after surgery or your pet has difficulty maintaining physiological needs.

Advantages of medical beds for pets

What makes a medical dog bed different from the usual models? First of all, it is made of different materials. Its filling is highly elastic shape memory foam, which gives excellent support to the animal’s body and adapts to its structure. On the outside, this type of bedding is covered with an easy-to-clean cover. The main advantages of such beds are:

  • relieving the spine, joints and skeletal system of the animal during rest,
  • no pressure on individual body parts,
  • effective insulation from the ground,
  • improved circulation by supporting the correct position,
  • easy maintenance of hygiene.

If you want to see what a properly designed orthopaedic dog bed looks like, check out our range – the Lord, Zip or Flat models are perfect examples.

Safety and comfort for your pet

In order to avoid illnesses affecting your pet’s musculoskeletal system, it is worth putting prevention first. Choose a bed that allows him to rest comfortably and safely for his joints and spine – preferably an orthopaedic bed. Adult dogs sleep approximately 12-14 hours a day. Puppies spend even more time this way! This is why it is so important to provide your pet with a bed that allows him to rest and get a healthy, uninterrupted sleep.

Modern dog accessories from Rexproduct

The Rexproduct brand offers only the highest quality accessories for dogs, but cat guardians will also find something for their pets in our range. The medical beds we design not only guarantee comfort, safety and healthy rest for your pet, but also functionality and elegant, modern design. We know very well that providing your pet with ideal conditions – especially when it is ill – is a really difficult task. That’s why we create orthopaedic beds to suit different needs. Choose the right bed and let your pet rest in comfort!

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