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Christmas gifts for your dog and cat. See our experts’ picks!

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Christmas is the best time to give presents – including those for your dog and cat. Although pets do not understand the idea of Christmas, they certainly like to receive surprises. What should your pet find under the Christmas tree? The possibilities are many – from practical accessories to food. You can take the opportunity to think about what your pet needs most. For example, an eco-friendly dog or cat bed (regular or modular), a carrier bag, chews, tuggers, walking accessories or treats would be great Christmas gifts. Check out what to get your pet!


The pets are also waiting for presents!

What to give your pet under the Christmas tree? You can buy him a new toy or his favourite treats, or use Christmas as an excuse to buy practical accessories – a carrier bag or a comfortable, eco-friendly or modular bed. For your dog or cat, any gift can become a reason for joy! Consider your pet’s character, what he likes to do most and how he spends his time during the day, take into account his age and needs. Is he active and likes to play? Or does he sleep most of the day and needs a new bed?

Comfortable and ecological dog bed

A great gift idea for a dog (and cat too) is certainly to buy a bed. Comfortable and healthy rest and the opportunity to sleep on a soft, clean bed – this is what every pet needs, regardless of age or character. This way, your pet will be able to enjoy the festive laziness with the whole family in the best possible conditions. However, when choosing the right model, don’t just go by the festive look and price. Pay particular attention to:

  • matching the size of the bedding to the size of your pet,
  • the shape to suit your pet’s needs,
  • the material from which the bed is made – it should be durable, waterproof and easy to clean,
  • type and thickness of filling.

A high-quality, ecological dog bed from the Rexproduct range is a gift that will serve your pet for a long time, not only at Christmas!



Modular cat bed

An equally good idea is to buy a modular bed – especially for your cat! Your pet will certainly appreciate a cosy bed at Christmas. A soft, homely kennel complete with a comfortable mattress gives your pet a cosy space where it can sleep through the dreary winter days in comfort and relax after playing. It is also the perfect shelter for shy, insecure and timid cats who may feel intimidated by festive visitors and the commotion in the house.

Carrying bag for closer and further trips

If you and your pet travel a lot, you can give your pet a comfortable and secure dog or cat carrier bag under the Christmas tree. It’s the perfect way to travel comfortably with a small animal without the risk of it escaping or hurting itself. The snug, cosy interior of the soft carrier will ensure that your pet will spend the entire journey stress-free, warm and able to keep a close eye on its surroundings. The ideal carrier bag for a cat or dog should have:

  • soft walls made of material resistant to damage and dirt,
  • a stiff bottom for stability,
  • a cut-out for the head, so that the pet can look out;
  • practical fastening that can be easily opened – e.g. with a zip,
  • additional handles for carrying.

This gift will make travelling together even more fun!



Rexproduct wishes you a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas is a time that is spent with family – and for many people, this includes their beloved pets. So many Christmas trees also include a gift for dogs and cats! Your pet will love it even more if you spend a little more time with them than usual, play with them, take them for a long walk or simply watch TV together. Remember: the best gift for your pet will always be the attention you give it. Together with the entire Rexproduct team, we wish you and your pet a Christmas full of peace, love and moments together!

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