“Petpocket” set modern kennel + mattress

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Petpocket ecological kennel for a dog or cat, colorful mattresses, scratch and bitting resistant.
Dogs and cats need their own space, shelter, peace, and quiet. The eco-friendly foldable kennel home meets all your pet’s needs and serves as an asylum.



Hygienic and easy to clean

Hair and dirt can both be easily removed from the kennel. The fabrics used in the dog kennels prevent the growth of mould and are waterproof, which makes cleaning particularly easy.

The “soft” size M or “ori” size M dog bed cover, which matches the dog kennel, is machine washable at 30°C.

The dog and cat kennel is easy to assemble, you need a minute and you’re done! Can be folded and unfolded many times.

The materials used are not scratched or torn by the dog, which makes the house an ideal place for small, medium, and larger animals.

Quick folding system

Isolates from noise

It is not a FELT material. The eco-friendly material used Petpocket is stiffer than felt, making it more durable and stable. It has noise protection properties.

Acoustic properties, thanks to the fabric used in the production process, our product isolates noise and protects the animal against acoustic factors.

Smaller pets like cats or puppies often cause more damage than larger ones. But with Petpocket you don’t have to worry – both the outer material and the filling are made of hard-wearing, water-, scratch- and bite-resistant materials that retain their shape and colour even after years of the dog’s “childhood”, so the dog house continues to look like new.

Soft foam

Easy to transport

One size of kennel for small and medium-sized dogs, and all cats. Dimensions of the kennel 63 x 60 x 45 cm.

The modern kennel with bed is the ideal relaxing corner, a cosy asylum for dogs and cats.

The kennel is easy to dismantle and transport, e.g. at work, on holiday, in the garden or on the balcony.

The real eye-catcher is the fabric of the cover – it is a high-quality fabric used by furniture manufacturers and interior designers. It is so soft and pleasant to the touch LIKE VELVET – so your dog has optimum comfort and relaxation. The materials are not scratched or bitten by your dog. The modern kennel is ideal for small and medium-sized animals.

Resistant to biting, scratching and tearing

2-in-1 set kennel and mattress

Universal design and style to suit any home.
The ‘pethome’ dog house is available in 2 colours (light grey and graphite), in 1 universal size and 11 colours of mattresses. Ideal for a small dog, for a medium-sized dog and for a cat.

Modern design, with variations in colour – the dog house fits any home; the colours and shapes are simple and neutral, making the house beautiful.

The walls of the dog kennel, as well as the dog bed, have been made from 100% recycled fabrics. 64 1.5 litre PET bottles were used to make each ‘Petpocket’ dog kennel.

The material we developed is comfortable and resembles felt. But felt it is not. The recycled material used in the production is characterised by greater strength, resistance to damage and stability.

The innovative ‘softpet’ foam with which the mattress is filled, the bed keeps its shape for years.

Made from recycled materials

certyfikat Oeko-Tex anf
Global Recycled Standard

Certified and tested. The dog and cat kennel is made with attention to every detail.

It has the Oeko Tex 100 and Global Recycled Standard certificate, which guarantees the safety of use.

This safe dog kennel, which is a hiding place and an oasis in a stressful moment, is an original design by the Rexproduct brand.

The “Petpocket” dog kennel by Rexproduct is a registered industrial design protected by law.

Made in Poland


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The shed only comes in size M.

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