“Ori” orthopaedic mattress cover without foam base

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Would you like to replace the cover? Are you bored with the current colour? Here is our colour band for the Ori mattress. It is available in 11 colours and 5 sizes. Compatible with the Ori mattress dimensions.



Pets have fallen in love with the ‘Ori’ model.

The “Ori” cover was sewn from high-quality upholstery fabric, often used by furniture manufacturers and interior designers. It is so soft and nice to the touch that we call it: “LIKE VELVET”

It comes in 11 colors and 5 sizes.

The cover is machine washable at 30°C and is easy to keep clean.

Like Velvet

Anti-slip underside

We have used a non-slip bottom on all our dog and cat beds. This ensures that the bed stays where you put it. Unless your pet decides otherwise.

Designed to match the look of your interior! You choose the best colours for yourself. The deal is really simple:
– You choose the colour of the cover- 11 universal colours to choose from
– You match the size to your four-legged friend – here you also have 4 options
– Fits the “Ori” mattress
– And you can also choose an extra a ‘Pethome’ or ‘Petpocket’ dog and cat kennel


Resistant to biting, scratching and tearing

Smaller pets like cats or puppies often cause more damage than larger ones. But “Ori” you don’t have to worry – both the outer material and the filling are made of hard-wearing, water-, scratch- and bite-resistant materials that retain their shape and colour even after years of the dog’s “childhood”, so the dog house continues to look like new.

PET FRENDLY – easy removal of hair and light dirt, without washing the cover in the washing machine. The material is scratch and bite resistant, resistant to saliva and sweat.

EASY CLEAN – Easy to keep clean – completely removable cover that is machine washable.

Hair and dirt can be easily removed from the dog bed. The fabrics used are safe, prevent mould growth and do not absorb water.


Hygienic and easy to clean

Water repellent

Fabric is covered with a special protective coating, forming a water repellent layer which prevents rapid fluid seepage. The liquid condenses on the surface of the material, preventing the fluid from being absorbed immediately by the fabric. This allows quick cleaning of the spilled liquid with a soft cloth or paper towel.


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Fits Ori mattress with dimensions:
S – 40 x 50 cm *
M – 50 x 60 cm *
L – 60 x 70 cm *
XL – 70 x 90 cm *
XXL – 90 x 110 cm *

* The dimensions of the Ori mattresses for which the coloured cover is dedicated are shown. The Ori mattress band does not cover the entire surface of the mattress, it exposes the black Ori base approximately 2 cm on each edge. A different ‘Soft mattress cover’ is dedicated to the Soft mattress.

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