Dogs and cats, regardless of the breed, long for their own space, their own shelter.
Sometimes they just want to hide away.
Our articles cover all of those needs. Especially the need for asylum, which may come up with the therapeutical properties. A Safe House that may serve as a hideout during a stressful moment or a simple oasis of peace.
The PETPocket kennel consists of two vital elements: a spacious frame construction and a colourful cushioning that serves as a proper den. Both, kennel and the paddings, are made of the components 100% recycled from the plastic waste.
Available in two colours: light and dark grey. The dens are available in up to 10 different colours. Thanks to the such solutions you can easily adapt both the colour and form of the article to your personal needs and preferences.
Easy to dis and assembly for an example at work, on the vacation, in the garden or on a balcony.