– Assembly cannot be easier as this: customer receives a product in a flat form, which can be prepared for use in 2 minutes. Simple as it is (assembly instructions video enclosed);
– Second life of a plastic: the sole core of this collection is the SoftPET foam, that is manufactured in 100% from a recycled materials. In order to produce 1 Kg of the fabric we recycle around 35 PET bottles (1,5 L cap);
– Fabric ideal for pets: light, resistant to biting, scratching, and shredding;
– Anti-allergic, the SoftPET foam does not contain any heavy metal particles;
– Acoustic Properties, thanks to the fabric used during the manufacturing process, our product isolates the noise, and protects the animal from stressing acoustic factors.
– Universal design that will fit to every type of interiors;
– Sustainable development and recycling of the PET bottles may result in the reduction of CO2 emission up to 75%;
– 2 in 1 set. SoftPET dog bed base and PETHome cover;
– Available in 3 sizes. Dedicated for small, medium and large dogs;
– Kennel available in 2 colours: light grey and dark grey;
– The dog bed base (cushioning) available in 10 colours.                                                    S  – 2400g
70 PET-bottles 1,5l with mattress
M – 3500g
100 PET-bottles 1,5l with mattress
L – 4250g
125 PET-bottles 1,5l with mattress

Product Dimensions:
Size S:
a – 60 cm, b – 42 cm, c – 43 cm
Inside: 50 x 41 x 43 cm
Size M:
a – 70 cm, b – 52 cm, c – 54 cm
Inside: 61 x 50 x 54 cm
Size L:
a – 80 cm, b – 62 cm, c – 64 cm
Inside: 71 x 60 x 64 cm