DIMENSIONS external / internal

S a – 60cm / 50cm, b – 42cm / 41cm, c – 43cm / 43cm
M a – 70cm / 61cm, b – 52cm / 50cm, c – 54cm / 54cm
L a – 80cm / 71cm, b – 52cm / 50cm, c – 64cm / 64cm

The kennel is child’s play to assemble, disassemble and transport.

The shack is made of the largest
attention to detail.

It comes from our EKO collection.
Both walls and filling
of the mattress are made of 100%
from ecological materials
from recycling.

The cover is fully removable
and has a convenient zipper.
It is easy to clean – washable
in a washing machine (standard washing at 30 ° C).
The material is resistant to hair, sweat
and the saliva of animals.

To sew the coverWe used a durable
and pleasant to the touch fabrics

used by interior decorators.

10 kolorów materaca do wyboru