“Ori” waterproof orthopaedic mattress with soft cover

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Orthopaedic mattress for dogs and cats , which takes care of your pet’s hygiene. It has two completely removable covers. PET FRENDLY and EASY CLEAN technology, allows for easy removal of hair and light dirt even without washing it.

S: 40 x 50 cm
M: 50 x 60 cm
L: 60 x 70 cm
XL: 70 x 90 cm
XXL: 90 x 110 cm



Hygienic and easy to clean

EASY CLEAN, the material of the orthopaedic bed is easy to clean. It is probably the most hygienic bed for dogs and cats.  It has two important features. A black base cover which is waterproof and a soft coloured blanket. This allows quick cleaning of the spilled liquid with a soft cloth or paper towel.

It is machine washable. Can be used with a hygiene pad.

Fabric is covered with a special protective coating, forming a water repellent layer which prevents rapid fluid seepage. The liquid condenses on the surface of the material, preventing the fluid from being absorbed immediately by the fabric. This allows quick cleaning of the spilled liquid with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Water repellent

Removable two covers

The base cover is sewn from a black waterproof ‘codura’ type fabric.
The colourful blanket/wrap has been sewn from high quality, durable materials. Used by furniture manufacturers, decorators and interior designers.
The 2 covers in this bed are unique on the market. It is a hygienic solution.
The “Ori” orthopaedic bed is completely demountable.

Smaller pets like cats or puppies often cause more damage than larger ones. But “Ori” you don’t have to worry – the outer material are made of hard-wearing, water-, scratch- and bite-resistant materials that retain their shape and colour even after years of the dog’s “childhood”, so the dog house continues to look like new.

Resistant to biting, scratching and tearing

4 cm Memory foam

This modern orthopaedic dog bed in the form of a traditional mattress, fits into the Pethome and Petpocket kennels and the “Frida” bed. The inner orthopaedic mattress is a layer of MEMORY FOAM 4 cm. This is a body memory foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. The second inner layer is a 4 cm stabilising foam. The mattress is 8 cm high. Better regeneration of the entire body during sleep, healthy support for all your pet’s bones and muscles.

A ortopedic dog bed that can be used as a hiding place in a stressful moment or a simple oasis of calm.
As many as 4 different sizes to choose from to suit your dog’s size and needs.
‘Ori’ is ortopedic bed that you can create according to your taste!
You and your pet enjoy a comfortable and extremely durable bed. You can take it anywhere with you, wherever you take your dog with you.

Easy to transport

Regeneration and

Orthopaedic mattress recommended:

– As prophylaxis for young dogs

– For animals already suffering from osteoarthritis of the joints and bones, including the spine

– For dogs and cats that are overweight

– As support for recovery after surgery

– As rehabilitation support for all animals

We have used a non-slip bottom on all our dog and cat beds. This ensures that the bed stays where you put it. Unless your pet decides otherwise.

Anti-slip underside


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S – 40 x 50 cm
M – 50 x 60 cm
L – 60 x 70 cm
XL – 70 x 90 cm
XXL – 90 x 110 cm

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