“Frida Teddy” beige bed + mattress

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Are you looking for a stylish and high-quality bed for your dog or cat that will provide maximum comfort and healthy sleep? Our “Frida Teddy” is a soft bed in a beautiful shade of very light beige, ensuring the best comfort for your dog or cat. It’s the perfect solution for every dog and cat.

S: 65 x 55 x 20cm
M: 75 x 65 x 20cm
L: 85 x 75 x 20cm
XL: 105 x 85 x 25cm



Cozy and comfortable

The Frida Teddy is made from sherpa fabric, characterized by long fibers that create a soft layer on one side of the fabric. They mimic the appearance and texture of wool, making the fabric incredibly soft, fluffy, and pleasant to touch. With its ability to retain heat, the pillow provides a feeling of cozy warmth, ideal for pets that love warmth or lack an undercoat.

The Frida Teddy is not just a functional addition but also a stylish decorative element. Its soft and fluffy texture is currently a trend in interiors, used in upholstered furniture and fashionable interior accessories. Thanks to its fashionable design, the pet bed looks great in any home, giving it a modern and elegant appearance.


Easy to transport

Your pet’s favorite spot that you can always take with you. The product can be used both at home and on the go. With the Frida Teddy pet bed, you and your furry friend can enjoy a comfortable and incredibly durable resting place. You can take it everywhere – your pet will always feel at home.

We pay attention to every detail during production, offering meticulously crafted products. Frida Teddy is an example of combining modern design with functionality, satisfying both you and your pet. With its softness and ability to cocoon your pet’s body, Frida Teddy becomes a favorite resting place for every furry friend.


Easy to clean

EASY CLEAN means the material is easy to maintain cleanliness.

Pet hair and dirt can be easily removed from the dog bed, for example, with a regular lint roller. The bed cover can be machine washed.

The most important aspect is safety in use. The non-slip bottom of the dog and cat cushion ensures it stays in place wherever you put it. However, during your pet’s daily play and antics — if the cushion becomes their playground, we cannot guarantee it will remain in the same spot.

We focus on details and meticulously craft each item during production. We offer carefully prepared products to our customers.


Removable cover

The “Frida Teddy” dog and cat bed is the best way to recuperate while sleeping. The high sides of the bed are filled with recycled silicone balls. The bed cover is completely removable. The cover is machine washable.

Bed size Xl for a large dog.


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External / internal [cm]

S – 65 x 55 x 20 / 40 x 35 x 20
M – 75 x 65 x 20 / 50 x 45 x 20
L – 85 x 75 x 20 / 70 x 55 x 20
XL – 105 x 85 x 25 / 80 x 65 x 25

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