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Deer antler naturally shed. Known as Lu rong in Chinese medicine, it shows medical values for dogs after sterilization. The dog chew keeps our pet occupied for a long time, it satisfies the natural urge to chew, which affects the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone.


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The perfect entertainment

There are many reasons why dog owners choose to buy deer antler dog chews. First of all, they are highly aromatic and extremely tasty for dogs and basically odorless for humans. Because of the spongy, dry marrow that dogs love to lick and nibble on, they are extremely durable and gradually reduce in volume.

Each chew was made from so-called shedding, that is, antlers naturally shed in Polish woods, every year in spring, by deer, fallow deer and elk. Thus, no animal was harmed in the production of the chew. All antlers, from which we produce our natural chews, are under strict quality selection. Only the best quality pieces are selected for the chews. The antlers obtained are cleaned with pressurized water, then washed by hand, steam sterilized, ground and finally re-washed.

Made from naturally shed antlers


The chews are produced without any artificial addition. This way our antler chew is guaranteed to be safe for our dog.

Due to their natural origin and lack of any additives, they do not cause allergies or stomach problems. They do not stain.

Deer antler chews are 100% natural treats for dogs of all breeds, practically of all age ranges, the exception being puppy and senior dog, due to their delicate dentition. For younger and older dogs with weaker jaws, we recommend the antler chews in the Easy version, which have been cut along the marrow, providing open access to it.

Remember to supervise your dog. No toy is indestructible. Take care that he does not swallow a piece of antler.

For dogs

Healing properties

The rough texture of the chew has a beneficial effect on the hygiene of our dog’s teeth, abrading plaque.

But the most important thing is that the chew occupies our pet for a long time, satisfies the natural need to chew, which affects the production of serotonin , the hormone of happiness. In Chinese medicine known as Lu Rong, used in the prevention of pets after sterilization.

Chews are available in 2 variants hard – full part of the antler and easy – cut lengthwise to allow easier access to the tasty center, designed for dogs with a weaker bite.

To refresh the chew when your dog loses interest in it, just put it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. The antlers are a natural product, individual antlers may vary in shape, color, thickness and length.

2 degrees of difficulty and 4 sizes

100% natural


bone tissue 54%, protein 32%, fat 0.1%, collagen 3%, calcium 21g/100g, phosphorus 10g/100g, magnesium 26mg/100g, iron 998ppm, sodium 0.4%, potassium 0.02%.


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