“Fit fun” healthy bite on a cotton rope

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Toys for your pet do not have to be plastic. Natural dog chews sold in the Rexproduct store are safe accessories, the production of which has not affected any animal. They satisfy the need to bite, pull and tug, and also clean the teeth. See how you can give your pooch a long and joyful fun.

S: 10mm śr x 30cm
M: 10mm śr x 30cm
L: 12mm śr x 40cm
XL: 12mm śr x 40cm


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Bite and fun

There are many reasons why dog owners choose Rexproduct antler chews. Firstly, our products are aromatic and extremely tasty for the dog, while being completely odourless for the human owner. Due to the fleshy, dry marrow that dogs love to lick and chew, the sticks are very durable and gradually reduce in volume over time. The rough texture of the sticks has a positive effect on the dog’s plaque.

Each product is made from the antlers of deer, roe deer that are shed in the Polish forests during the spring season. No animal is harmed in the process. Only the highest quality antlers are selected for the manufacturing process. Once harvested, the antlers are rinsed with a water jet and then hand washed. Steam sterilised. Polished and washed again at the sole end. No artificial substances are added. Such a manufactured and prepared product ensures that it is safe for your dog.

From naturally shed antlers only


Lost antler products, such as our hard dog chews, have no impact on the environment. This is partly because they are produced without harming any animals. They are also environmentally friendly because, unlike plastic toys, they are made without harmful additives. This makes them safe for pets to bite and lick.

The products are made from carefully selected, cleaned and sterilised antlers of fallow deer, elk and deer, often cut along the marrow. The hard and rough interior of the chews will delight your pet with a scent that is almost imperceptible to humans. In addition, the spongy structure of the dry marrow gently removes plaque, improving your dog’s oral hygiene.

Deer antler cotton rope chews are 100% natural treats for dogs of all breeds and virtually all ages, with the exception of puppies and senior dogs due to their delicate dentition.

This is the perfect toy for a dog that needs to chew as well as pull.

Remember to supervise your dog. No toy is indestructible. Make sure he does not swallow a piece of antler.

For dogs

Healing properties

The rough texture of the chew has a positive effect on our dog’s dental hygiene.
Most importantly, it keeps our pet occupied for a long time and satisfies the natural need to chew, which has an effect on the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone.

BITES chew toy on cotton rope – 2 in 1 chew toy. Handmade natural chew toy made from reclaimed deer antlers. This preparation allows easy access to the spongy inside of the bone, making biting and chewing easier. Perfect for dogs that value tugging and biting. Made up of various antler fragments. We ship them randomly.

Multiple variants

100% natural

Analytical composition of the product:
Bone tissue 54%, proteins 32%, Fat 0,1%, Colagen 3%, Calcium 21g/100g Phosphor 10g/100g, Magnesium 26mg/100g, Iron 998ppm, Sodium 0,4%, Potassium 0,02%


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Toy length: 30 cm (S, M), 40 cm (L)
Rope diameter: 10 mm (S, M), 12 mm (L)



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