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Looking for an unusual dog bed? Check out the fabric kennel

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Every pet has slightly different needs and preferences based on their character, activity level and experience. This also applies to preferences for accessories such as a bed or kennel. For a dog, a bed is an extremely important accessory – it marks out a relaxation zone, i.e. a space where he can rest and recuperate in peace and safety away from an excess of stimuli. But what if your pet’s usual bed doesn’t allow him to calm down properly? In this case, consider buying a fabric kennel!

The most important part of your dog’s layette? A dog bed!

A well-chosen bed is a must on the list of essentials that make up a dog’s layette. Your pet should have access to it at all times when he or she is in the house, so that he or she can calm down and rest. Where is the best place to put it?

  • in a quiet and peaceful place,
  • away from the traffic routes in the house or flat
  • near the carers,
  • where the temperature is optimum – take your dog’s coat type into account here; long-haired dogs prefer cooler areas, while short-haired dogs prefer much warmer areas.

Of course, this is just a theory – watch your four-legged friend carefully. He may be able to tell you himself where he likes to sleep best! Most dogs like to be in the company of people, so the bedding should not be completely isolated from the household, although some particularly timid pets will need complete isolation to sleep.

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A bed has more than one name

Nowadays, dog bedding is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose a model that will ensure your pet’s comfort – as our shop’s offer is the best proof. At Rexproduct you will find:

  • mattresses,
  • high-banked beds,
  • cushions for dogs,
  • soft or rigid fabric kennels for the home,
  • medical bedding – for animals after operations, sick, with orthopaedic problems and the elderly.

A well-chosen bed that allows your dog to stretch out comfortably in its favourite position is essential – it will ensure healthy sleep and help look after its joints and spine, which is particularly important for senior dogs, puppies and convalescents.

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Material kennel – a place for your pet to relax and rest

If you are the guardian of an extremely sensitive pet, a timid or insecure one that reacts very emotionally to the presence of people or movement in the house, choose a fabric bed. For your dog, it will become a safe, cosy hideaway where he hides from the outside world, but can be observed at will if necessary. Such a bed will give him a sense of privacy and become his own space, making him better able to cope with, among other things, situations that are difficult for him on a daily basis. This is an excellent option for four-legged pets who react nervously to the arrival of guests in the house or who live with young children and sometimes need solitude.



A dog kennel can be eco-friendly!

At Rexproduct, we realise that it is very important for many pet guardians to care for the environment, which is why we have included eco-friendly dog kennels in our range. These are unique products with a modern, fashionable design, extremely durable, resistant to dirt and damage, which provide your pets with the comfort they need. Kennels from the EKO line: PETHome and PETPocket are made from recycled materials. Their SoftPet mattress has a filling made from recycled PET bottles – this material is resistant to moisture, fungi and bacteria and is hypoallergenic, while retaining its shape and elasticity for a very long time.

Rexproduct – accessories created with passion

Every kennel, including the eco-friendly ones, from our range is a high-quality product that will serve your pet for a long time. We make sure that the bedding we offer is not only durable, comfortable and easy to keep clean, but also stylish. A fabric kennel by Rexproduct will not only become your pet’s favourite bed, but also a decoration for your home or flat. We strive to create an offer that meets the needs of all dogs, even the most demanding ones. Trust us and choose the perfect bedding for your pet!

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