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Dog in a block of flats. See how to keep your pet comfortable

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Sometimes you may encounter the fear that a dog in a small flat will not be happy. But is a house with a garden really a prerequisite for having a four-legged friend with you? Not at all! Find out how to make your pet comfortable while living in a block of flats.

Living in a block of flats and having a dog

Let’s start by saying that every dog needs, first and foremost, an informed, loving carer. It also needs its own space in the house and a few extra accessories. As far as the sheer size of the flat is concerned, this aspect matters mainly for the comfort of the householder. A garden is not essential either – it is not enough for the dog to get a decent run. Paradoxically, it is often the four-legged dogs living in blocks of flats that get more exercise on a daily basis.

So the key is not so much where you live, but whether you are able to meet all the needs of your shaggy friend. If you are deciding on a purebred dog, find out which breeds will find a small space easier.

Dog breeds that are easier to adapt to life in a block of flats

In theory, small breeds with a calm disposition seem to be the best for the block:

  1. The French Bulldog, which is rather couch potato by nature and does not need very much exercise.
  2. The Shorthaired Foxtrot and the Spaniel – they feel comfortable in a cosy flat, as long as they are given longer walks.
  3. Dachshund – yes, but only if you live on the ground floor or in a building with a lift. Dachshunds should avoid frequent stairs because of the risk of degenerative changes in the spine.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to small dogs at all. A Labrador, Golden retriever, Bordeaux Dog or Scottish Shepherd adapt well to a block of flats. They are also calm by nature and practically do not bark. Find out more about the needs of the different breeds and match the dog to your lifestyle before making a decision.

Space arrangement for a four-legged dog in a block of flats

Before your four-legged housemate arrives, try to secure floors and cables as much as possible, remove potted plants as well as dangerous objects. Also look for a space in the flat for a dog bed. Every dog needs its own space with a comfortable bed. It should be a secluded, quiet place, but not isolated from the rest of the household. Dogs really like to be where the household members are and keep an eye on their surroundings.

Own bed – an important aspect of feeling safe

A great alternative to the classic open bed is the PEThome dog kennel. It is a fantastic dog asylum that can even have therapeutic properties in stressful situations. A place where your dog can rest in peace or simply hide. The enclosed kennel will provide him with a sense of security and help him calm down. It will also perfectly satisfy his need for his own space.

The PEThome kennel consists of two integral elements: a spacious frame and a colourful cushion placed inside, which acts as a comfortable bed. The whole is:

  • lightweight and mobile – you can easily move it to the terrace, garden or take it with you on holiday. We have designed it so that it can be quickly folded, moved and unfolded again when needed,
  • environmentally friendly – both the kennel and the filling are made from 100% recycled PET bottles,
  • safe for your dog – at Rexproduct we sew from Oeko-Tex® certified materials, which are free from harmful and allergenic substances.

The PEThome series is available in two shades of light and dark grey, and the cushions are available in 10 colours. Take a look and choose your favourite!

Entertainment for a dog living in a block of flats while the carer is away

Every dog needs the right amount of exercise. Otherwise he will not feel comfortable even in a large house. A decently exercised one is much calmer later in the flat. Walks are the ideal time for play and learning. However, also think about toys for your pet for the times when all the household members are away. This will keep your pooch occupied and you will avoid surprises in the form of chewed shoes or other household accessories.

Dog accessories from Rexproduct

Order eco-friendly kennels, dog beds, dog toys and more from our online shop! All accessories are made of environmentally friendly and completely pet-safe materials. Check the offer and complete the layette for your four-legged friend with us!

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