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Modular pet bed – your pet will love it!

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Every pet needs a place where it can calm down and sleep, but also carry its beloved toys, lie down comfortably with a chew, or play with its carer or another pet. A modular bed can become the highlight of a dog or cat’s home or flat – it is the bedding for most pets that is an essential accessory! A well-chosen one will be a shelter and… a playground in one. Find out what the main advantages of eco-friendly modular beds are!


A place to relax but also to have fun

Is the bedding only for the animal to rest on? Not necessarily! The modular kennel-like bed can become both a place of relaxation and play for your dog or cat. If your pet likes it and feels confident in it, he will start to bring his favourite toys, chews or treats there to play with or eat. He may use it as a hiding place from potential ‘danger’ (visitors, children), or as a vantage point that allows him to control his surroundings without having to remain in plain sight. Of course, in order for the bed to fulfil these functions, it must be chosen appropriately.


Modular dog bed

A dog bed performs many varied functions. This is why modular dog beds are such a good option. They can be easily disassembled, cleaned and adapted to your pet’s needs. A soft, homemade dog bed works well in winter, when the temperature drops significantly and your pet needs a cosy shelter, or in stressful situations, such as during a visit from guests, when your pet wants to hide away to feel more secure. You can also remove the mattress at any time and use it as a stand-alone bed. What features does the ideal modular dog bed have? First and foremost, it should be:

  • suited to the size of your pet – so that he can assume his favourite position in it,
  • soft and thick enough to support the animal’s spine and relieve pressure on its joints,
  • durable (so that it is not damaged by scratching, biting or tugging),
  • resistant to dirt (e.g. mud, dust, saliva) and water,
  • easy to wash.

Modular cat bed

Cat guardians often claim that their pets do not like to sleep in their bedding, preferring to rest on beds, sofas or scratching posts. What is the reason for this? Usually the reason is an inadequately prepared sleeping area. A well-chosen modular cat bed will certainly be more attractive to your cat than a regular bed or any other place! An enclosed cat box will give your pet the feeling of security it so desperately needs, allowing it to hide from surrounding stimuli and the sight of people. It will give a feeling of cosiness, warmth and comfort, and will add variety to the hunting game – you can lurk in it to your heart’s content! The best modular cat bed will be:

  • comfy, soft and comfortable to keep your pet resting,
  • scratch- and scratch-resistant (if your cat treats it like a scratching post),
  • cosy, so your cat can hide in it when it feels insecure,
  • easy to keep clean, especially during the moulting period.


In the name of our planet!

Quality bedding is not only about its durability, appearance and safe use, but also about the fact that it has been made with respect for the environment. We know this very well, which is why you will find in our offer suggestions perfectly suited to your pet’s needs. Each Rexproduct eco-friendly dog or cat bed is versatile, comfortable and easy to clean, and made from 100 per cent recycled materials (recycled PET bottles). The materials and fillings are anti-allergenic, contain no harmful substances and are also certified for safety (Oeko Tex 100 and Global Recycled Standard).

Accessories created with love for four-legged family members

We offer unique pet accessories to make sure your pet is comfortable every day. Modern, elegant design, top quality, functionality – when designing modular, eco-friendly beds for cats and dogs, these are all very important to us, but we always put your pets’ needs first. Explore Rexproduct’s products and choose accessories that will allow your pet to rest and play to its heart’s content!

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