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When your dog scratches the bed. We explain the mysteries of dog behaviour

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Dogs sometimes behave in ways that are difficult to explain without knowing how their ancestors lived. Actions such as scratching the bedding are a reminder of a time when four-legged dogs had to fight for survival themselves and make themselves comfortable while resting. Nowadays, a comfortable, organic bed is an attitude of equipment for a dog living at home. In the past, preparing a “nest” for oneself was part of coping with inclement weather, meaning territory and getting rid of uninvited guests. Do you sometimes wonder why your dog scratches his bed even though he lives in a warm, secure home, circles around before bedtime and clearly furnishes his bedding on his own terms? Find out what this behaviour is due to and whether you need to worry about it!

Dog behaviour hides many secrets

Owners often observe behaviour in their pets that they cannot rationally explain – this includes scratching their bedding before going to bed. Seemingly without reason, the dog digs into its bed, blankets and pillows to form a ‘burrow’ in them (if possible). This is one of the instinctive activities your pet has inherited from its wild ancestors – just like hunting, digging holes or… rolling in faeces. In the past, these types of behaviour were essential for survival. Nowadays, they are no longer necessary, yet many dogs still reproduce them because they have been genetically determined.

Scratching the bed – natural behaviour for your pet

Many keepers observe that their dog scratches the bed before going to bed, even if there are no blankets or pillows for him to arrange “his way”. However, this is a reflex behaviour and the pet is not able to control it. In this way, dogs living in the wild:

  • prepared a warm and secluded place where they could safely lie down to sleep;
  • spread their scent over their “bed” (there are sweat glands between the dog’s pads);
  • chased insects and rodents away from where they planned to sleep;
  • they rubbed off their ever-growing claws.

Even though modern pets with comfortable beds and other dog accessories can jump on sofas and sleep on carpets without having to specially prepare their bedding, their genes still make their presence known!

When might scratching the bedding be questionable?

However, there are times when scratching the bedding is a worrying sign. If you observe your pet taking a very long time to go to sleep, repeatedly getting up and clearly unable to find a comfortable position, this could mean that the bed is uncomfortable for your dog, it is the wrong size or its filling has become too thin or it is laying unevenly. Unfortunately, this behaviour sometimes also suggests pain, e.g. in the joints or spine, which is the reason for the dog not being able to find a comfortable position. It is then necessary to purchase a medical bed preceded by a visit to the vet.

It is worth investing in a sturdy, eco-friendly bed

The vast majority of dogs scratch the bed before bedtime. As long as this behaviour does not become compulsive – a form of venting frustration or other emotions – it should not be disturbed. Instead, it is worth investing in a high-quality, eco-friendly bed that your dog’s claws will not harm! When choosing the ideal model, pay attention to:

  • choose a size and type of filling adapted to your pet’s needs – to ensure that scratching and curling up before bedtime is a reflex and not a signal of discomfort;
  • opt for a hardwearing, shatterproof cover;
  • choose a version with a removable cover or one that is easy to wash and clean – especially if your dog often scratches the bed with his dirty paws, e.g. after walks.

Dog beds to keep your dog relaxed and sound asleep

In our range, you will find eco-friendly dog beds that are made of high-quality, damage-resistant materials. This way, even if your pet is in the habit of scratching his bedding before bedtime, it will not be damaged. At Rexproduct, we know very well how important it is to respect the dog’s instincts, after all, these are behaviours that quadrupeds have inherited from their ancestors. Although the conditions in which dogs live today have changed a lot, remember to let your pet be himself. And if he scratches the bed before bed – just get him a sturdy, comfortable bed!

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