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A clean bed is essential! Find out how to take care of your pet’s bedding

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Caring for a dog or cat means not only taking care of its hygiene – washing it, brushing it, wiping its paws, cleaning its ears and eyes – but also making sure it has a clean bed. The accumulation of dirt, dust, dampness and dander not only affects your pet’s sleeping comfort, but can also encourage the growth of bacteria and thus become the cause of health problems in your pet. How do you clean a dog and cat bed, regular or orthopaedic? Learn the most important rules for caring for your pet’s bedding!


A well-kept bed for your pet

Regularly washing, airing and vacuuming your pet’s bedding is a very important part of caring for their health and comfort. How often should I clean my dog’s or cat’s bedding? The answer is very simple – as often as is necessary due to the amount of dirt. This in turn depends on your pet’s character, health, age and coat length. It is advisable to think about this duty already when buying a cat or dog bed, orthopaedic or regular, and choose a model that is easy to keep clean – such as those available in our range.



Bed care important especially in the autumn/winter season

The arrival of autumn and winter usually means that it is much more difficult to keep your pet’s (especially your dog’s) bedding perfectly clean. The bed at this time is very often covered with mud, dust, small dirt “brought in” from walks and hair which the pet intensively loses. It is also exposed to moisture, with the animal lying down to rest after returning from a walk in the rain. What should you pay attention to during this period? First and foremost, it is important to regularly shake out the bed and dry it if it is wet – this will prevent the growth of fungus and mould, which could harm your pet, and will also make your pet sleep more comfortably.

A clean bed: a challenge for carers of ailing animals

Although, of course, maintaining hygiene is very important for any pet, a clean orthopaedic bed for a cat or dog is essential for comfort and health, especially for ailing pets, especially those after surgery, who have difficulty maintaining their physiological needs. It is therefore advisable to choose models that perfectly adapt to the shape of the dog’s or cat’s body, which help to look after the health of the joints and spine, but also:

  • are equipped with a removable, machine-washable cover;
  • are made of durable, waterproof materials (e.g. nubuck, codura);
  • have antibacterial filling.



How do you effectively clean a dog or cat bed?

Before you simply machine-wash your four-legged dog’s bedding, consider whether this is really a good idea. How can you clean your dog’s or cat’s bedding most effectively without damaging the bedding or… the washing machine?

  1. Be sure to check on the label whether you can machine-wash the bed or bedding.
  2. If the bed has a removable cover, remove it gently and give it a thorough shaking outside the home. If not – clean it of hair and mud with a hoover.
  3. Soak prominent and difficult-to-remove stains for at least several minutes, then scrub with a brush.
  4. Wash the whole bed or the cover alone in the washing machine or by hand.
  5. Dry the bed thoroughly.

Remember not to use strong, heavily scented detergents which could cause allergies in your pet or discourage them from using the bedding! Intensive laundry detergents containing chlorine, bleach, phthalates and other chemical irritants can cause serious skin problems in pets.

It is worth choosing functional accessories for your pets

Accessories for dogs and cats should, above all, be functional and provide your pet with complete comfort – this applies not only to orthopaedic beds for dogs and cats, but also to ordinary, soft, homemade kennels, mattresses and cushions. Keeping them clean should be a regular part of your household chores, so make it easy for yourself. At Rexproduct, you’ll find unique accessories for dogs and cats, including beds that are designed to make it easier for pet owners to keep their pets clean and tidy. Take a look at our website and choose the perfect model for your canine or feline friend!

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