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Can a dog bed be eco-friendly?

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Concern for the environment in the form of consciously choosing products made from recycled materials is a growing trend in many industries – including the pet industry. Among other things, eco-friendly accessories for dogs and cats, such as pet beds, are becoming very popular. The “fashion” for ecology can not only help the environment. Find out what benefits it brings for you and your pet!

Eco-style living is increasingly popular

The carbon footprint is the negative impact that every human being has on the environment. Having a four-legged dog can contribute significantly to this effect. How can you avoid it? All you have to do is choose eco-friendly products for your dog or cat. Many people are paying attention to buying sustainably produced food and goods. Pet owners are also increasingly ensuring that they complete their pet’s layette with the same approach. This applies not only to food, but also to eco-friendly accessories for dogs and cats.

Eco-friendly pet accessories

The trend to harm the planet as little as possible through everyday consumption is starting to become more and more apparent in the pet industry too. How can you ensure that owning a dog does not have a negative impact on the environment? Simply choose:

  • durable accessories that last a long time – they don’t need to be replaced very often, thus reducing waste,
  • eco-friendly dog beds and other furnishings made from recycled materials,
  • high quality pet food,
  • biodegradable poop bags,
  • toys made from natural materials.


A dog bed can be eco too!

As a bedding manufacturer, we have set out to prove that even bedding can be eco-friendly, without losing its striking appearance and fully meeting dogs’ needs. The SoftPET foam filling we use in some of our bedding models is upcycled from recycled PET bottles – the number of bottles depends on the size of the mattress. This means not only that plastic is reused, but also that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced during production.

In addition, it should be noted that the filling made from such plastic is hypoallergenic, soft, mould- and fungus-resistant and does not deform even with intensive use. The foam allows us to create bedding of various shapes – from simple mattresses to beds with high edges and kennels.

An informed choice for the planet, but also for your pet

When shopping for a pet, it is worth thinking about the fate of the planet. The beds you will find at Rexproduct are Oeko-Tex® certified, which guarantees the highest quality and safety of textile products.

Another prime example of how ecology can go hand in hand with functionality is our proposed eco-friendly dog bed from the PETHome series. It is a homely kennel with a modern, stylish design, which will become a decoration for any room, while perfectly fulfilling its function as a practical and comfortable bed. What are the advantages of this model?

  • Minimalist, simple and universal shape reminiscent of classic kennels,
  • recycled materials (SoftPET filling), easy to clean, soft and pleasant to the touch, resistant to mechanical damage, dirt and moisture,
  • cosy interior – the dog feels safe in this dog bed, it can calm down and hide
  • quick and uncomplicated assembly,
  • lightweight and can be disassembled – making the bed easy to transport.

Such a bed is perfect both at home, as a separate, private space, and on the terrace, so that your pet can rest after the madness in the garden. It will allow your pet to fully relax and take its mind off stimuli when it needs to – a product perfect for anxious dogs, among others. If you prefer accessories with a slightly more unusual design, check out the PETPocket kennel range.


Living in harmony with nature

Functionality, ecology and stylish, modern design – we have managed to combine all this in our designs. We are active on the market as a manufacturer of dog and cat beds, creating new designs and following contemporary trends. We understand the importance of caring for the environment and reusing plastic, which – when thrown away – is slowly becoming a problem for civilisation. The eco-friendly dog accessories offered by Rexproduct are durable and functional products. Find out how you can take care of the environment – and your dog – with us!

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