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3 signs that your pet needs a new bed

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Many dog and cat guardians can confirm that their pet’s most beloved bed is… the one that is most worn out. A bed is a safe space for a dog or cat, where the pet can rest peacefully, hide from the world and excess stimuli, calm down and relax. Not surprisingly, four-legged pets feel most comfortable on a bed that they are very familiar with, as it has soaked up their scent, they have been using it for a long time and they are used to it. However, as a manufacturer of pet accessories, we know full well that even the highest quality bedding does not last forever. Find out when the purchase of a new bedding becomes necessary!


Favourite resting place for dogs and cats

Bedding is every pet’s favourite place to relax. If your dog’s or cat’s bedding has been well chosen to suit your pet’s size and meet its health and psychological needs, your pet will certainly spend a lot of time in it, often even the greater part of the day. This is why the quality of the bedding is crucial – your pet’s health and well-being depends on it. Its replacement is necessary if the bed

  • is damaged (tears, abrasions),
  • has impossible to remove stains and dirt,
  • is deformed.

Any of these problems will affect your pet’s comfort. Poorly placed filling will not support his joints and spine, and if it becomes impossible to maintain the hygiene of the bedding, it will start to harbour batteries and parasites and cause skin diseases. You can read about the importance of a good pet bed on the Rexproduct blog!


Visible cracks and tears

The first sign that it is time to replace your pet’s bedding is the appearance of cracks, abrasions and tears on the surface of the material. These are usually a sign that the bed has been heavily used by the dog or cat and also used as a play space. This type of damage is caused by scratching the fabric with claws when the pet is playing or laying down to sleep, or by chewing, which in turn is sometimes a symptom of boredom or replacement teeth, or in the case of dogs, the result of a lack of access to chews.

Stains that cannot be eradicated

The second reason to replace the bedding with a new one is its cleanliness. Some dog and cat beds are difficult to clean, not machine washable, bulky and it remains almost impossible to remove dirt from them. It can also happen that permanent stains develop on the bedding, for example if your pet has difficulty maintaining physiological needs due to age or health. This is when purchasing a bedding becomes a priority! To reduce such problems in the future, get your pet a new bed:

  • with a removable cover which can be conveniently shaken off and washed,
  • covered with waterproof fabric,
  • with hypoallergenic filling resistant to fungal and bacterial growth.

You will find just such models in the Rexproduct range! As we are an experienced manufacturer of pet accessories, we know how important it is to be able to easily keep your pet bed clean.


Limited space

Sometimes replacing the bedding becomes unavoidable, not because of its condition, but… its size. A dog or cat bed has to be adapted to its size, so when a new household member arrives in your home – a puppy or kitten – it should get a small model in which it will feel safe and cosy. Over time, as your four-legged friend grows and develops, he will start to need a larger bed to be able to lay comfortably in his favourite position. This is especially true of beds with high edges or soft home kennels.

A new, comfortable bed for your four-legged friend

When it’s finally time to replace your pet’s bedding, make sure you provide your pet with a new model that is fully tailored to his needs. Then you can be sure that he will love it straight away! In our shop, you’ll find a variety of Rexproduct brand dog and cat beds that your pet will love at first sight… or actually sleeping on. We have been a manufacturer of pet accessories for many years and we know exactly what pets need to rest efficiently and healthily, as well as to feel safe. With us, you will choose the right bedding for your four-legged friend!

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