The Rexproduct’s antlers split sticks are a 100% natural line of treats for dogs of every breed, and almost every age. Except for puppies and our “elderly” which are due to the delicate jaw and teeth structure. For those, we recommend our Bite Soft line of bite sticks which is cut through the bone in order to provide open access to the marrow. Every product is made of antlers dropped across the polish woods by deers, daniels, and elks during the spring season. None animal has been harmed during the process. Only antlers of the highest quality, are selected to be used for the manufacturing process. The retrieved units are cleaned up with the water stream, and undergo a fine hand wash afterwards. Sterilised with the steam, polished and washed once again at the sole end. Without the addition of any artificial substances. Such manufactured and prepared product ensures that it is safe for your dog.

There are plenty of reasons for which the dog owners decide to purchase the Rexproduct antlers split bites. First of our products are aromatic and exceptionally tasty for the dog, while being completely odor-free for human owners. Due to the mushy, dry marrow, which dogs love to lick and bite, the sticks are very durable and gradually decrease its volume over the time. The rugged structure of the stick has a positive influence on the dental plaque of your dog.

Considering the sourcing method, and lack of any artificial addons the products do not cause any allergic, and do not cause gastric struggles. Thanks to the composite structure the sticks do not leave bone splinters. The most important fact is that our sticks will occupy your dog’s attention for a long time and cover the need for biting, which affects the production of serotonin, known as a hormone of happiness. In order to keep it fresh, place the biting stick in boiling water for a few minutes, after your dog will be distracted by other factors.


Suitable for:

  • Dogs of every breed and age. Only puppies and senior pupils may be an exception, due to a delicate and more vulnerable dental conditions. For the younger and older pet we strongly recommend the SOFT line, that has a deep carving on the whole length. It gives the pets an easy and direct access to the marrow within.
  • Dogs with a tendency to bite the home equipment.
  • Dogs with a specific need of chewing.
  • Dogs that stay home alone.
  • Dogs that are bored or stressed up.

Analytical composition of the product:
Bone tissue 54%, proteins 32%, Fat 0,1%, Colagen 3%, Calcium 21g/100g Phosphor 10g/100g, Magnesium 26mg/100g, Iron 998ppm, Sodium 0,4%, Potassium 0,02%