Rexproduct accessories
We love dogs and cats, so we want our products to serve them as well as possible. Who we are? Rexproduct is a producer of unique accessories for animals. Our brand has been proving for years that it can be designed taking into account all the needs of pets and the expectations of their owners, while taking care of the natural environment. Get to know our products and see that even beds and toys can become a decoration of any house or apartment, and at the same time serve your pet for many years!


A brand of pet accessories that was created out of passion

Knowledge of cat and dog nature, knowledge of animal physiology and anatomy, as well as behavioral needs are the basis for designing accessories for dogs and cats. Animals are our passion – thanks to this, we are committed to looking for the best solutions that allow your pets to rest in a comfortable way, travel safely and have fun. What products can you find in our offer?

  • sleeping pillows,
  • ecological bedding with and without a rim,
  • medical beds and mattresses,
  • eco-friendly soft kennels for the home,
  • antiallergic toys,
  • BIO teethers with organic cotton.


The quality of the products offered is the basis

We never compromise on quality. We only use durable materials that are resistant to moisture, dirt and tearing. All components used to create Rexproduct pet accessories come from Europe and are completely safe for pets. We want our experience to benefit the health and comfort of animals, which is why we focus only on proven, quality elements.

Modern solutions for four-legged companions

What does it mean that the pet accessories available at are „modern”? We are well aware that for most dog and cat keepers, a comfortable bed belonging to a pet is an inseparable element of home furnishings, as important as other furniture. Why not, then, it should look aesthetically pleasing and, apart from its practical function, also serve as a decoration? We strive to make our mattresses, ecological dog kennels or cat beds can become part of a modern interior arrangement, e.g. a living room or a bedroom. We draw inspiration from the Scandinavian style, skillfully combining functionality with simplicity of form, minimalism and fashionable colors.

Ecological accessories for animals for the sake of the planet

A very important part of our offer is the ECO line, which includes ecological accessories for animals, such as kennels and beds for dogs and cats. We know very well how important it is to reduce the amount of waste – we want to take care not only of domestic animals, but also of wild ones. By caring for the natural environment, we also help protect their home! So we offer our customers a collection of mattresses, bedding and kennels partly made of recycled materials.

SoftPET foam, which is the bedding filling from the ECO line, is made from used and recycled PET bottles. This material has many advantages:

  • it is easy to keep clean, remains resistant to the appearance of fungi and mold, does not absorb water,
  • has antiallergic properties,
  • does not contain heavy metals – it is completely safe for animals,
  • it does not deform, it is soft and provides comfort.

Our bedding and kennels from the ECO line have the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate, which proves that they are completely safe and meet a number of requirements regarding the ethics of production. In addition, each ecological cat and dog kennel from the PETHome and PETPocket collection impresses with a modern, minimalist design!


Find the best for your pet at Rexproduct

We want to help you take care of your pet, because we have the knowledge and experience to do it. We care about the highest quality of our products – our priority is the needs of pets. By choosing ecological accessories for animals by Rexproduct, you choose solutions that will serve you and your pet for a long time, and at the same time will remain practical and aesthetic. We have already been trusted by many customers from all over Europe – you can believe us, for a reason! We know what dogs and cats need. We provide products for pets that guarantee them healthy sleep, safe travels and fantastic fun, and at the same time look modern and stylish, which undoubtedly pleases their owners. Check out our offer and choose what’s best for your canine or feline friend – and for you!