Dogs spend most of the day resting or sleeping, so it is important to provide them with ideal conditions for this. Healthy sleep translates directly into the condition of the pet. The selection of the right bedding is therefore very important – the dog bed must be of the right size, allow the dog to assume any position that is comfortable for him, and take into account his health needs. Check what exactly to pay attention to when choosing!

Dog bed – a very important element of the pet’s layette

A well-chosen dog bed is the basis of a layette – it is one of the first things you buy for a puppy or a pet that is yet to live in our home, especially if you do not plan to put it on the couch or bed. If you do not know how to choose a bed for your pet, remember that it should be comfortable for him – elegant design and nice color are of course big advantages, but the needs of your dog are the most important here.

It is worth considering the purchase of a lair

The purchase of a bedding for a pet cannot be accidental. How to choose a bed that suits your dog’s needs? Pay attention to:

  • size,
  • shape,
  • the dog’s health needs,
  • safety and ease of keeping the material clean.

The size of the bedding must match the size of the animal. The shape should correspond to the positions in which your pet likes to sleep best. If your dog is sick, elderly or convalescing, it will probably need a special bedding – for example, filled with so-called foam. memory effect. It is worth choosing models with a non-slip bottom and a removable cover.

dogs bed

A bed tailored to the needs of your dog

In our offer you will find many beds in various shapes and sizes – from simple pillows, through eco-friendly SoftPet mattresses, beds with soft edges Soft and SoftColor, to kennels with a modern design. Why did we focus on such diversity? We are a manufacturer of dog beds for different needs. We realize that this piece of equipment must always be tailored to a specific pet.

The quality of workmanship and the materials used matter

Usually, a dog’s lair is exposed to very intensive exploitation. After all, the animal not only sleeps in it for many hours a day, but also often plays on it, stretches, brings treats and teethers there. Therefore, it should be carefully finished, and the upholstery must be made of fabrics:

  • resistant to scratches, punctures, abrasions and other mechanical damage,
  • resistant to water – thanks to which they will not get wet when the dog lies down on the bed after a walk in the rain or takes care of a physiological need – which happens in the case of puppies, elderly or sick animals;
  • easy to clean – the materials should allow easy removal of hair and various types of dirt, e.g. mud or saliva.

Top-quality filling is equally important. In our products, we use anti-allergic foam, silicone ball, polyester non-woven fabric or memory foam. These are materials of medium hardness that do not deform over time. Too hard or too soft a bedding will not be comfortable for your dog.

bed for dogs

The pet bed can be eco!

As an experienced producer of dog and cat beds, we are well aware of the fact that more and more pet owners attach particular importance to ecology. Most of the models in our offer are made partly of recycled materials – incl. Some of the bedding is filled with SoftPet polyester foam made from recycled PET bottles. Ecological dog bed is a durable and functional product, safe for animals, hypoallergenic, and at the same time resistant to fungi and mold.

A unique and ecological bed for your dog

We make sure that the products we offer are practical, stylish, comfortable and easy to clean. We create all projects out of love for dogs – we know these animals very well and we want them to rest comfortably. In our offer you will find many models of ecological dog beds made of the highest quality materials. We have already been trusted by many customers not only from Poland, but also from many European countries. Browse the proposals on the Rexproduct website and choose the best model for your canine friend!