When it comes to dog beds, it’s safe to say that size is crucial. A comfortable sleep is the basis of a healthy lifestyle – not only in humans. Sleeping animals must be able to stretch freely, assume any position, and sometimes hug the soft edge as well. How to correctly choose the size of the bedding? Find out about the easiest ways to choose the perfect bed model for your pet!

The size of a dog’s lair is of great importance

Properly selected bedding is the basis for healthy sleep and effective rest. Dogs spend most of the day sleeping – an adult animal sleeps 14 to 15 hours a day and a puppy sleeps 18 to 20 hours! Therefore, it is worth ensuring that they can do it in full comfort, because insomnia or poor sleep quality are harmful to health.

The most important thing is to choose the right size of the dog bed. Too small will prevent the pet from stretching and dragging freely and will force him to sleep in an uncomfortable position. On the other hand, too big may seem unsafe and uncomfortable for your pet.

Ways by which you can adjust the bed to your pet

We are very active on the market as a manufacturer of dog beds, so we know perfectly well that choosing the right size of bedding seems difficult for many pet owners. Meanwhile, it’s quite a simple task. Enough:

  • measure your pet correctly,
  • watch him closely every day,
  • take his health into account.

Thanks to this, you will be able to easily determine which model will work best for your pet.
bed size

Move the centimeter!

The easiest way to choose the right size of your dog’s bed is to accurately measure your quadruped when it is resting – that is, when it is lying down. The distance from the nose to the base of the tail will be important. You can easily measure it with a standard tailor’s tape measure. Remember to add about 20 cm of „reserve” to the result so that your dog can stretch freely on his new bedding. The result obtained in this way will mean the optimal length of the den.

Observation of the quadruped

Another important issue is to carefully observe your pet. In what position does he sleep most willingly? Does he choose very soft places (e.g. on the couch) or prefers to lie down on the floor? Prefers cozy nooks or rather stretches freely? The ideal bedding for a dog must give the dog the opportunity to lie down in a pose that is comfortable for him.

  • If your pet likes to sleep stretched out in open spaces – put on an oval Pill pillow filled with fleece or a comfortable foam mattress.
  • If you are a guardian of a dog who prefers to cuddle up to something soft or lean his mouth on some elevation during sleep – choose a bed with a raised edge, such as the SoftColor or Soft models we offer.
  • For shy or fearful pets who value privacy and their own space, a house kennel will be a great choice.

The size of a dog's lair

Keep in mind your dog’s health needs

Choosing the right bedding model is especially important in the case of sick animals – for example suffering from degeneration of the joints – during convalescence and the elderly. The size of the dog’s lair in this case is not everything, although, of course, it should be selected with special care. Its shape is also important, as is the possibility of comfortably leaning against high wounds or their absence, which will make it easier to lie down. The type of filling is also important. For pets with special needs, a bed made of memory foam is a great choice.

Check out our offer of lairs!

As an experienced manufacturer of dog beds, we are well aware of the importance of proper bedding for the comfort and health of your pet. We have prepared a very diverse offer of ecological products – they combine high quality, careful finish and modern design, which is appreciated by customers both in Poland and abroad.

When designing dog beds, we put the needs of pets in the first place. However, we do not forget about the expectations of the owners! That is why we offer elegant, stylish bedding that will become the decoration of any room. Check out the suggestions on the Rexproduct website and choose the perfect bedding for your dog. After all, healthy sleep is essential!