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Cat’s degenerative disease. HOW TO HELP A PUPIL?

Did you know cats are masters of camouflage? They mask the pain so well that even in the advanced form of the disease, they may give the impression that nothing is wrong with them. As a result, inflammatory changes often go unrecognized for a long time. However, some cat’s behavior may indicate degeneration of the joints. So check what is worth knowing!

A painful ailment popular with cats

It is estimated that degenerative disease affects as much as 90% of cats over 12 years of age. Degeneration is often progressive. Damaged articular cartilage regenerates slowly, hence the emphasis in treatment is to calm inflammation. What changes in your cat’s behavior should make you alert? What can you do to make him feel better? We advise!

How to recognize that a cat suffers from degeneration of the joints?

It will not always be an easy task. While dogs usually make it clear that something is wrong with them, things are different for cats. Most often, these animals simply sleep more. You may be reluctant to jump, climb stairs or play with prolonged naps or constant reliance. This can be confusing especially in older cats. The fact that a cat spends a lot of time lying down may not necessarily be a question of age. It may well be due to osteoarthritis. So watch the furry closely. If you notice anything disturbing in his behavior, consult a veterinarian.

cat degenerative disease

Comfortable everyday life for a purr

In osteoarthritis, it is important to keep the cat moving despite the pain. While your pet will naturally try to avoid movement, it is the gentle movement that keeps the joints flexible. So how do you motivate a purring friend to be active? Cat toys and accessories can help. Encourage him to play together, reward him with treats. Make sure the play is safe too – no high jumps or sudden movements.

A comfortable space to rest is another important thing. Cat’s tastes vary, which is always worth taking into account when choosing a place for bedding. Where your cat sleeps is important to him. What he sleeps on is equally important. The medical bed will relieve the joints and accelerate tissue reconstruction. Also, do not forget to visit the veterinary clinic.

Medical bed for a cat suffering from osteoarthritis

Sleep stimulates the body’s natural regeneration processes. When your cat is sick, the more it needs a safe, comfortable place where it can rest in peace. In the case of animals with degeneration of the joints, it is worth considering a professional medical bed. Bet on one from a trusted manufacturer. Before buying, pay attention to the type of filling. Inside the mattress there should be a memory foam that:

  • perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, providing proper support,
  • will reduce muscle tension, relieve the spine and joints, and as a result reduce pain,
  • it is comfortable: it does not cause pressure, prevents the formation of pressure ulcers.

Also take a look at the type of lair cover. Choose from certified and durable materials. The cover should be resistant to scratches, water, dirt and easy to clean. Ideally, it can be removed and washed if necessary, or replaced with a new one. Such a cat bed is not only a convenience for your pet, but also for you. Of course, the bedding should be light so that it can be easily moved from place to place, and non-slip on the bottom. Medical lairs with a side edge are also a good alternative to classic models. The soft edge provides additional stabilization and optimal support while resting – your cat will appreciate this feature.

cats degenerative disase

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