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A booth for a cat. WHY IS A CAT BED A GOOD CHOICE?

Many cat keepers complain that their pets do not want to sleep in their lairs. Often the reason for this can be very simple – the bedding does not meet the needs of the animal. Remember about the specificity of the feline nature. That is why an ecological cat house will be such a good choice. It will give the four-legged friend a sense of security, allow for discreet observation of the surroundings and become its private space. Find out what other advantages this solution has and why animals like it so much!

Custom bed for your cat

As a manufacturer of cat and dog beds, we know very well that the perfect bed for each of these animals will look a bit different. As a predator, a cat needs to constantly observe its surroundings, hide in hiding, and have a safe haven where it can hide from threats at any time or simply be able to relax. Cat booths meet these conditions – they consist of stable walls covered with a pleasant-to-touch material and a comfortable mattress, they provide silence and warmth.

Reasons why you should invest in a cat booth

Usually, insulated boxes made of wood or polystyrene are for free-living cats. Many people decide to buy them to help animals survive the winter. However, our offer includes typical home models, made of soft, pleasant to the touch materials – modular lairs from the „Up” series and foldable: PetHome and PetPocket. Why is it worth investing in such a booth?

  • This type of bed for an indoor cat will become a separate, private zone in a limited territory, which it must share with people, and often also with other animals.
  • For an outgoing cat, the box can be a cozy, safe shelter set up, for example, on the terrace.
  • Ecological cat lairs in the form of a booth are easy to keep clean, transport (they are foldable), and at the same time look great due to their modern design.

Beds for cat

Cat territory only

Cats are territorial animals. They need a private space where, if necessary, they can hide away from dangers. The cat box is great for this role. Providing such a shelter is also often an important part of behavioral therapy for anxious and insecure animals as it allows them to build confidence and allow them to relax. It is worth remembering one important rule – if there are more cats in the house, there should be as many lairs as there are animals! This will avoid conflicts and competition for resources.

A safe cat shelter

In what situations is this type of bed the best solution? First of all, it is worth providing your cat with such a separate space when:

  • is sick, elderly or convalescing – by hiding in the booth, he will be able to isolate himself from stimuli and rest,
  • a small child lives in the house – a built-up cat lair placed out of the toddler’s reach will be a great hideout for an animal,
  • you are planning a move – such changes can be a difficult experience for cats. This type of bedding will provide a familiar and safe place in new terrain, which will reduce stress.

cat bed

No more cat visits to the wardrobe or drawer

If your pet has a tendency to fall asleep in wardrobes, drawers or boxes – a cat booth is an excellent choice. It will help you avoid the presence of cat hair on your clothes … at least to some extent. The animal, having its own hiding place, will surely choose it for sleeping. At the beginning, of course, the cat may approach the new lair with distrust, but it is worth spending some time to encourage him to come inside, e.g. by using toys or giving him treats.

Give your cat an own space!

We have been a producer of cat beds for years and we know cat’s nature perfectly. We love animals and care for their comfort and healthy sleep, and at the same time we do not forget about their keepers – we create practical bedding – easy to clean, modern and stylish. Unusual ecological cat kennels are popular with our customers all over Europe. By using safe, recycled materials, we contribute to the protection of the environment. Check out our offers available in the Rexproduct online store and choose a bed that your cat will love!