The answer to the question of whether it is worth buying a cat carrier is unambiguous – definitely yes! This is one of the basic elements of a cat layette. Thanks to it, you can safely and comfortably transport your pet, and reduce the stress associated with changing places. Find out the most important reasons why this way of transporting a cat is the best solution and find out which carrier to choose!

Are you a cat keeper?

If you are a cat owner, you know how gentle and sensitive these animals are. Why is purchasing a professional transporter so important? For cats – especially those not going out – traveling can be a source of very strong stress, anxiety and even anxiety. This condition, in turn, can lead to serious health problems. A properly selected cat bag or carrier will help your pet to cope with negative emotions when leaving the house.

Cat carrier – an important element of the cat’s layette

Going on vacation with caregivers, going to the vet or moving house can be a traumatic experience for a cat. How to prevent it? The most important thing will be to choose the right carrier that will give your pet a sense of security. It is worth paying attention to:

  • Size – a cat carrier should be adjusted to the size and weight of the animal.
  • Safety – it is worth choosing a model that allows you to safely lock your cat inside or attach its harness to a special leash.
  • Shape – depending on whether you are looking for equipment for the car or to carry your pet yourself, choose a rigid plastic carrier or a soft transport bag for a cat.


Travels with a cat friend by your side

Are you planning to take your feline companion with you on vacation? In such a situation, it is worth ensuring that it is as comfortable as possible during the trip. A properly selected cat bag or carrier is the basis of the equipment. It will be his safe shelter, it will separate him from the excess of stimuli around during transport, and will allow him to freely observe the surroundings. It will also become a familiar and comfortable lair when you get there.

Easier visits to the vet

The transporter definitely facilitates visits to veterinary clinics. Traveling with a cat is easier, you do not have to worry that a clever animal will slip out of your hands or get into a fight with other pets present in the office.

One of the main reasons why most cats are scared of the carrier and run away when they see it, is that they associate this piece of equipment unequivocally. Often, owners only use this accessory when they need to take their pet to the vet. In this situation, the carrier is a clear signal to the cat that something unpleasant is about to happen. How to change this negative association?

It is enough to use the transport bag more often – for the cat it will then become something as ordinary as the bed. You can place it permanently in a visible place and encourage the animal with delicacies to enter inside by itself.

Emergency exit

A properly selected cat carrier will also work when moving – and not only to transport the animal to a new place. Why?

  • Correctly introduced, it can act as an asylum, a cozy and familiar kennel that will become a private and fully safe space for cats in a new territory.
  • It will significantly reduce stress when moving to another place of residence.
  • It will also be useful in emergency situations – when for a short time, for some reason, you need to isolate your pet or protect it from escaping.


Transporter bag – a convenient solution for you and your cat

A practical cat carrier is also a perfect solution for the pet owner. A comfortable handle or a shoulder strap, ergonomic shape and low weight will make taking your pet with you will not be a problem anymore. Our offer available on the Rexproduct website proves that high quality and elegant, modern design can go hand in hand – a functional black or brown transport bag for a cat is a response to the needs of both animals and their owners.

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