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A healthy dog is a sleepy dog. See the importance of sleep for your pet

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Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining good health and well-being – a fact that applies to both humans and animals. Sleep is of great importance for the dog, because during sleep, very important processes take place in the body so that the body can regenerate, hormones are regulated and the brain processes and organises information. The animal should therefore be able to spend as much time as it needs during the day sleeping. As a manufacturer of dog and cat beds, we know full well that your pet’s sleep efficiency depends on a great many factors, including the right accessories. Find out how to make sure your pet gets a healthy night’s sleep!


The impact of sleep on the lives of four-legged friends

How does getting enough sleep affect animals? Sleep is a time when a dog can rest and its body returns to balance. This means that:

  • muscles regenerate after exercise,
  • the body gets rid of toxins,
  • hormones stabilise,
  • wounds and damaged tissues heal faster (important for dogs after trauma and surgery),
  • the brain processes new information and remembers it.

Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality are common causes of health and – above all – behavioural problems in dogs. A sleep-deprived animal becomes frustrated, irritable and even aggressive, learns much less well, reacts inappropriately to stimuli and has problems controlling its emotions and concentration.

Quality of dog sleep matters

For your pet to get a good night’s sleep, it needs to be able to get a really deep sleep. It is not only the time spent sleeping that counts, but also the quality! On average, an adult dog sleeps about 12 hours a day; puppies and older dogs spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping. Dog sleep is divided into two phases: NREM (slow-wave) and REM (paradoxical). The first is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, only the second provides the animal with true rest, and it is its duration that determines whether the body is able to recover and the memory to process information. This is the time when quadrupeds dream – if you see your dog “running” in his sleep while lying on his bed, don’t disturb him, it’s not nightmares, just following the images suggested by the brain!

Conditions that will help your pet to relax properly

In order to get a good night’s sleep, the animal must be provided with the right conditions. Quiet, calm and warmth are essential, although this does not mean that the pet should be isolated from the household and confined to a separate room. A healthy sleep for your dog depends on factors such as:

  • a well-chosen bed – the dog must be able to lie comfortably and stretch freely;
  • a bed placed in a secluded area – away from traffic routes, easily accessible, close to family members;
  • suitable temperature and no draughts – in places that are too airy and cool, the dog may catch cold while sleeping;
  • consistent rest times – routine and a familiar daily schedule facilitate restful rest.


The bed – the secret to a comfortable night’s sleep

Whether your pet gets adequate sleep depends largely on its bedding. A well-chosen dog bed should allow your pet to lie down in such a way that it can relieve pressure on its joints and spine, stretch out freely or settle into its favourite position. It should be easy to clean, resistant to damage and, above all, have high-quality filling that will not deform or shift. If your pet has orthopaedic problems or has undergone surgery, you can get him a special medical bed for extra comfort.

Manufacturer of comfortable dog beds

The right dog accessories will guarantee your pet comfort and convenience on a daily basis. This also applies to bedding – efficient sleep is very important for your dog, and the quality of rest depends on the choice of the perfect bedding. If you want your pet to get a good night’s sleep, let him take as much time as he needs to sleep and ensure that you provide him with optimal conditions. Rexproduct is a manufacturer of high-quality dog beds designed with your pet’s health and comfort in mind, so in our range you are sure to find a model that will allow your canine friend to get a good night’s sleep!

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