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A layette for a small cat. What should your pet not lack?

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It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house with a garden or in an intimate flat. With just a few accessories, you can create a comfortable and interesting living space for your kitten. What should be included in a layette for a small cat? We give you some suggestions in this post!

A feline friend in your home

By nature, he is an individualist walking his own paths. He likes good company, but he also needs space just for himself. Sometimes he likes to observe what is going on around him from a hiding place, and other days he likes to just hide away. To make your feline friend feel at home in his new home, organise a few accessories in advance. How do you complete a layette for a small cat? Find out below!

Essential accessories for a small cat

Like all toddlers, kittens love to play. For them, playing is also a substitute for hunting, which is why a ball, a screw-on mouse or a “fishing rod” must not be missing from their layette. But cat toys are not everything. Check out what else you will need!

A scratching post and litter tray are essential

Scratching is an integral part of the cat’s nature. To save stress and avoid unnecessary damage, it is worth investing in a cat scratching post. In its simplest version, it is a wide pole – set on a stable base and wrapped with sisal cord. There are also a number of elaborate variants with ladders, platforms and hanging toys. Above all, the scratching post must be stable. Ideally, it should be high enough to provide the opportunity to climb and jump. Looking from the cat’s perspective, any type of multi-level construction with additional attractions is of course very welcome.

When it comes to the litter tray, on the other hand, we recommend starting with the simplest: an open one filled with natural litter. It must be large enough – preferably about 1.5 times the size of the cat.

Cat carrier bag – an alternative to a cat carrier

Sooner or later, the day comes when you take your cat with you and head out into the world together – to the vet, on a weekend trip out of town or on holiday. It’s a moment when you’ll be able to get to know… the more stressed side of your cat’s nature for a change. Packing a randy kitten into a carrier can be a challenge. This is where the cat carrier bag comes to the rescue. It is the ideal alternative to a plastic carrier.

The fabric carrier is soft and therefore much more pleasant than plastic. It also gives a much greater sense of security. Inside the bag, the kitten does not feel confined, so it naturally calms down. It is a comfortable solution for you too. The zip from the top makes it easy to put your kitty inside. The option to connect the handles allows you to comfortably throw the carrier over your shoulder. We also added practical snap hooks and pockets for small accessories to the bag.

Kitten bed

A cosy kennel or a classic rump bed? You don’t have to choose! The UP&DOWN modular cat box is a clever bed, which you can change with a flick of the wrist. The cat box is lightweight, mobile, easy to clean. as well as environmentally friendly and 100% pet-safe. At Rexproduct we sew from Oeko-Tex® certified materials: hypoallergenic and free from pesticides, allergenic dyes, heavy metals or other harmful substances.

The soft, comfortable and secure modular bed will serve both as a bed and a place to lie down during the day. Placed slightly higher, it is an excellent vantage point. The non-slip underside ensures a very good grip on the ground. Position the kennel in the place of your pet’s choice and he will settle in in no time!

Think about protecting your furniture

Claw marks on the upholstery of the sofa or on the corners of furniture, scratched wallpaper, drawn curtains are sometimes the ‘charms’ of sharing a space with a feline friend. Although cats are very different, it is good to think about securing your furniture in advance, just in case. If you provide toys and a scratching post for your kitten, the chances increase that she will not have such a strong need to sharpen her claws on household furnishings.

Small cat – big changes

When a small cat arrives at home, it may need some time to get used to the new place. So create a friendly space for him with accessories from Rexproduct. You will find eco-friendly modular beds, carrier bags and many more products for dogs and cats – check it out!

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