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Social individualists. Find out why cats need their own bed

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Although cat guardians often observe their charges falling asleep in various, often surprising places, this does not mean that pets do not need their own bedding. Choosing the right bed for your cat can seem daunting – choose a model that provides privacy but does not completely isolate your cat from its surroundings, and gives a sense of security and comfort. Find out why bedding is so important for your pet!

Cats are increasingly becoming guests in our homes

Although statistically Poles are more likely to choose dogs as their pets, cats are second on the list. It is estimated that there are more than 6.8 million of them living in the country, which means that 33% of all pet owners in Poland are ‘cat people’, according to a 2020 study by FEDIAF. As a manufacturer of pet accessories, we are constantly seeing an increase in interest in products designed for cats. Owners are becoming more and more conscious about taking care of their pets, expanding their knowledge, carefully selecting food and layette items. They are keen to choose eco-friendly cat beds made from recycled materials. Mainly to care for the environment as much as for their pets’ comfort.

The feline need to have its own territory

Is a cat that doesn’t have its own bed able to sleep? Not always. The lack of a bed that is solely owned by the cat can negatively affect the animal’s confidence and sense of security, and therefore the quality of sleep. What is the reason for this?

  • Cats need a defined territory where they designate specific zones – such as play, eating, physiological needs and resting; a bedding helps to demarcate the sleeping space.
  • A cosy and comfortable cat bed will keep your cat comfortable and allow it to assume any position.
  • A suitably positioned bed will allow the cat to observe its surroundings with the feeling that nothing is threatening it – this promotes relaxation.
  • A frequently used bed will soak up the cat’s scent – in the event of a move, it will be a familiar feature in the new area and its presence will help reduce stress.

Rest in solitude

Although cats are not herd animals, they are social species and this means that they enter into complex social relationships with each other. The feline ancestors were solitary, but the domestication process has influenced the development of these animals’ social competence. You can still see a strong individualism in them, which often manifests itself in the need to rest in solitude.

Does knowing this make a difference when choosing the ideal cat bed? By being aware of your cat’s specific nature, it is easier to choose a bedding model which is tailored to your pet’s needs, and to place the bedding in such a place that your pet will enjoy using it. First of all, think about what characteristics and behaviours dominate in your cat:

  • a need for contact,
  • a predilection for solitary living,
  • a tendency to hide in corners of the house,
  • choosing elevated positions to observe their surroundings,
  • seeking a hiding place in stressful situations.

Depending on this, choose a built-up kennel, a flat mattress-pillow or a bed with high edges. Put it in a secluded, warm and cosy place, but not completely isolated – so that the cat gets privacy but does not feel lonely.

Peace of mind during possible illness

A comfortable bed is a shelter for the cat, where the animal can rest safely. It is especially important when it is ill or recovering and needs to rest in comfort. A warm, noise-isolating box set up in a secluded spot or a medical bed with high edges filled with memory foam will allow your pet to recover in peace and quiet.

Ensure a comfortable bed for your cat

As an experienced manufacturer of cat beds, our designs are created to meet the needs and character of animals, which is appreciated by customers both in Poland and abroad. The cat’s expectations are different from the dog’s – it is worth bearing this in mind and making the purchase of a specific model dependent on it. Choose a soft and cosy organic cat bed that will guarantee your pet a healthy and sound sleep and allow it to rest as comfortably as possible!


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