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Travelling with your dog. How to transport your pet safely?

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Every owner of a four-legged dog would sometimes like to take their canine friend on a holiday or trip away from home together. Travelling with your dog can mean a great adventure, but it can also be quite a logistical challenge. Why? You need to prepare well in order to avoid unnecessary stress. This applies not only to long journeys, but also to short trips, such as to the vet. Find out how to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during transport!


Time for your first trip with your pooch!

Often the first trip together with a dog is stressful for both owners and pet. How do you prepare for a trip together to avoid this? It’s simple! First of all, don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Familiarise your pet with the means of transport before the journey. Start by creating positive associations – encourage your pet to jump into the car, take him on a trip for a few minutes, and reward every correct behaviour with treats, for example. If you are going to transport him in a bag or carrier, make these accessories nothing new for your dog. Place them around the house and train him regularly to go inside on command, so that he associates them with great fun!

Preparing your pet for travel

How else can you prepare your four-legged friend for a trip? Safe travel with your dog isn’t just about driving training. What else is worth bearing in mind?

  • Secure your pet in case it escapes – get it microchipped and attach an address tag to its harness or collar.
  • Do not feed your pet at least one hour before you leave.
  • If your dog suffers from motion sickness or is very stressed by the drive, ask your vet to choose the right medication.
  • Remember to take along a supply of water and a bowl.

Also, if you are going abroad with your pet, it is a good idea to check in advance what documents you will need – such as a passport or rabies vaccination certificate.

Safe transport of your canine friend

One more important point remains: in order to make travelling with a dog safe for both the carers and the pet, the pet must be carefully secured with special accessories. You can bet on:

  • a plastic or soft carrier,
  • a kennel cage,
  • a fabric carrier bag,
  • a special safety belt that attaches to the harness,
  • a mat for the boot or back seat.

Large dogs may feel uncomfortable in carriers – in their case it is worth opting for a mat or belt. Smaller or timid pets, on the other hand, will do well in a soft carrier bag. On the Rexproduct website, you will find models that are sure to guarantee your pet a comfortable journey. Always transport your pet on the back seat or in the boot (if you have a combi car). If it travels in a cage, bag or carrier, you will need to secure these accessories so that they do not move uncontrollably.

Travelling by public transport? It’s worth checking the rules

Not everyone has the option of using a car to transport their pet – travelling with your dog on public transport is also possible! Above all, however, you should make sure that the large number of stimuli, the presence of many strangers and the noise are not too stressful for your dog. Also read the rules and regulations that apply on the particular mode of transport – train, bus or tram. You may have to buy your pet a separate ticket. If you are not transporting your dog in a carrier or bag, remember to bring a lead and muzzle.


Stress-free and safe travel with your pet

Whether you want to take your beloved pet with you on holiday or need to transport him to the vet, take care to save stress for yourself and, above all, for him. Travelling safely and comfortably with your dog requires preparation. Teach your pet how to behave in a car or on public transport, provide him with an address tag and a microchip, for example, and choose a suitable carrier. In our shop, you will find dog accessories that are perfect for longer and shorter trips – our brand has been designing products with the needs of pets in mind for years. Choose a carrier bag in which your four-legged friend will comfortably spend time during your trip – and head out into the world together!

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