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Grooming your dog in autumn. What to look out for especially at this time of year?

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Every owner of a four-legged dog knows full well that their pet needs to be looked after with care all year round. But should your dog’s grooming always look the same? Of course, the dog’s basic needs (food, walks, play) are constant, but the different seasons call for additional care and attention to specific problems. Your pet’s care must always be adapted to the conditions outside the home. Find out what to look out for in autumn to meet all the needs of your four-legged friend!


Dog friends’ needs and the time of year

The weather, which changes with the seasons, determines to a large extent how a dog should be cared for. Whereas in summer it is important to protect your pet from the heat and external parasites, in autumn it is the changeable weather that takes its toll: colder temperatures, rain, mud and wind. Priority will therefore be given to taking care of:

  • the condition of your pet’s paws and coat
  • improving its resistance,
  • reacting early if you notice any worrying symptoms,
  • safety on walks,
  • ensuring your dog gets enough exercise.



Take care of your pet’s health in autumn

As with humans in dogs, autumn is a period of declining immunity. Animals are particularly vulnerable to colds, as well as easily transmitted viral diseases such as kennel cough and pharyngitis. The easiest way to boost the immune system is to ensure a balanced diet rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidants. If your dog is weakened or older, supplementation may be necessary – especially vitamins A, E, C, β-glucan, fish oils. At the beginning of autumn, it is a good idea to go with your pet to the veterinary clinic for a preventive check-up.

How do you look after your dog’s health in autumn apart from ensuring it has a good diet? Above all, take care of his comfort and protect him from the cold. Delicate animals with a short coat that does not protect them from the cold and damp will require special protection and the selection of suitable accessories – such as a warm dog coat, chimney or cloak.

Paws and coat care especially important in autumn

Properly grooming your dog in autumn also means taking care of the condition of its coat and paws. The ubiquitous mud can be particularly problematic for owners of long- and medium-haired dogs, although short-haired quadrupeds also get dirtier during the autumn season. After every walk, be sure to dry your pet with a towel and wipe his paws so he doesn’t lick the dirt off them. If a bath becomes necessary, use a special dog shampoo to help comb the coat and prevent it from felting and knotting due to the weather. Remember not to walk your dog when it is wet! Dry your pet very thoroughly with a towel (remember the ears!) and, if necessary, use a hairdryer with a gentle warm fan.



Home entertainment instead of hours of walking

A dog’s health is not only about the right diet, but also about the right dose of exercise. Regular physical activity outdoors strengthens the animal’s immunity and also allows it to discharge excess energy. Lack of exercise is a common cause of behavioural problems. However, not all pets like to run in the rain – older or sick pets should not do so, and walks lasting several hours in bad weather can be tiresome, especially when the day is getting shorter. This is when it makes sense to opt for home games. There are various accessories for your dog, e.g:

  • plush toys,
  • tuggers,
  • natural chews,
  • logic toys,
  • sniffing mats.

For the love of animals!

Is caring for your pet in autumn difficult? Definitely not! However, it is worth remembering which aspects of grooming to pay special attention to during this period and stocking up on the right accessories for your dog. On Rexproduct’s website, you will find unique, ecological pet products designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind – whether it be unique toys or beds in which your pet will enjoy long autumn evenings, or soft and warm carrier bags. Check out how we can help you take care of your dog in autumn!

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