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How often should I replace my dog’s bed?

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A well-chosen bed is very important for every dog. The quality of your pet’s sleep and even his health depends on it! Unfortunately, this is not a one-off purchase – your pet’s needs change over time. A puppy needs a different bedding than an adult pet, and likewise a retired dog, which means that every so often a dog bed needs to be replaced. In addition, even the sturdiest model is not forever, it can wear out, warp and lose its properties (sometimes your pet helps it a little). Find out how often to replace your dog’s bed and how to recognise when it’s the right time for a change!


One of the most important dog accessories

Effective rest is very important for every dog, regardless of age. Adult pets sleep around 14 hours a day, and puppies and canine seniors much more! This is the time when your pet can recuperate and calm down. A well-chosen bed is therefore very important for your dog. Your pet’s bedding must be comfortable, hygienic, safe and provide your pet with the right level of comfort – supporting its spine, relieving pressure on its joints and insulating it from the ground. This is why its replacement is essential whenever it no longer fulfils its function.

Dog bed – tailored to your pet’s needs

Your pet’s needs change over time – depending on his age, condition, character and even his appearance (even the length of his coat matters!). So you may find that the bed model you have chosen for your young dog no longer serves its purpose when he becomes an adult, and your older dog starts to need more privacy than before. From this angle, you can replace the bed with:

  • a mattress or pillow – for dogs who like to stretch out freely and sleep in different positions, or retired dogs with mobility problems;
  • bed with high edges – for pets who like cosy bedding,
  • an orthopaedic/medical model – for senior and convalescent dogs,
  • a homely, soft kennel – for pets who are insecure and need privacy and a safe haven.



Replacement of the bed depends on the use

Every dog is different and uses its bedding in a different way. It is therefore difficult to say unequivocally how often you should buy new ones. It is certainly necessary to replace your dog’s bed if you notice that:

  • the filling does not settle evenly, is permanently deformed or is too thin,
  • the outer material has holes, abrasions and creases,
  • it cannot be cleaned,
  • your dog has outgrown it and is no longer able to lie comfortably in it,
  • your pet’s needs have changed (his health has deteriorated, he is now elderly) and it becomes necessary to purchase a medical model.

If you notice that your dog spends less and less time in its bed, cannot find a comfortable sleeping position in it, and even thorough washing and vacuuming are not enough to clean it – this is a sign that it is time for a replacement.

Quality and maintenance of the dog bed is essential

Keeping your dog’s bed clean is very important, especially if your pet has health problems. High-quality bedding is usually upholstered in waterproof fabric or has pull-down covers. If your dog likes to get dirty in winter and autumn, has problems maintaining his physiological needs or is post-surgery and needs special care, consider replacing the bed with one that is easy to keep clean.



Are you looking for tried and tested accessories for your pet?

Even your dog’s favourite bed is not indestructible and needs to be replaced once in a while. Every pet handles its bedding differently – some spend most of the day in it, others only sleep in it at night or once in a while, the youngest sometimes use it as… a toy. The intensity of use, your dog’s health and his character will determine how often you will need to purchase a new model.

With the Rexproduct range, replacing your dog’s bed will become much less of a challenge! We design pet accessories with the needs of both pets and their owners in mind – our suggestions prove that even pet products can combine functionality with modern and stylish design. See if you can find the perfect bedding for your dog in our shop!

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