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Eco-friendly accessories for your dog and cat. Discover 3 arguments why you should choose them!

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How do you care for the environment when buying a layette for your pet? Fortunately, it’s very easy! All you need to do is choose eco-friendly pet accessories created from biodegradable, non-toxic materials that are recyclable. These types of products are also completely safe for your pets. Find out why a conscious choice is so important for you, your pet and the environment!


Eco-consciousness is growing year on year

More and more people are paying attention to what they buy: whether they are eco-friendly, whether they are recyclable, what impact they have on the environment and health. Conscious choices are important in every area of life – and are starting to become commonplace for pet guardians too. The deteriorating state of the environment and the prevalence of articles containing harmful substances should not be indifferent, which is why making ‘green’ decisions is so important.

Eco-friendly pet accessories

Thanks to the use of modern technology, the materials used to create eco-friendly dog accessories and cat beds and kennels have excellent properties and are durable. Among the eco-friendly pet products, you will find everything that is useful on a daily basis. A great example is our range which includes:

  • beds in the EKO collection- including a mattress in a choice of beautiful colours, with filling made of anti-allergenic SoftPET foam made from recycled materials,
  • soft Scandinavian-style kennels – huts made entirely of ecological materials
  • anti-allergenic toys,
  • chews – made from ethically harvested abandoned BIO deer antlers and ropes made from organic cotton.

Rexproduct’s proposals are proof that eco-friendly accessories for dogs and cats can have a modern design and delightful colours. We offer models in bright, vivid colours as well as fashionable, subdued shades (grey, navy blue), such as the PETHome folding kennel or the SoftColor bed. Green dog bed? Yellow or pink bedding? Our products will certainly meet your aesthetic expectations!

Safety for you and your pet

If you buy random accessories from mass production, you are exposing your pet to serious illnesses. This is because the plastic they are made from often contains harmful substances. The Rexproduct brand has focused on producing eco-friendly pet accessories that are completely safe for both pets and their owners. The ecological products we offer have:

  • OekoTex Standard 100 certified – which means they are free from harmful ingredients,
  • Global Recycled Standard certificate,
  • filling made of special SoftPET foam produced from recycled PET bottles – it is resistant to moisture, fungi and mould, does not contain heavy metals and has hypoallergenic properties.

Eco-accessories, caring for the fate of the planet

Everyday shopping choices have a huge impact on the environment. It is estimated that on their pets, including, among others, accessories for dogs and cats, Poles spend annually as much as approx. PLN 5.5 billion! Obviously, a large percentage of this amount is spent on food, but a large proportion is also spent on accessories for pets: beds, toys and carriers. The more products using recycled materials you choose, the greater your contribution to tackling the problem of environmental litter.

Dog and cat accessories for years to come? Only the eco ones!

Most of the dog and cat products available in chain shops are perishable, plastic items that quickly deteriorate and need to be replaced, which means the production of a very large amount of waste. By choosing eco-friendly pet accessories, you are actively contributing to improving this state of affairs – you are using items made from materials that are highly durable. They will certainly serve you and your pet for a long time! It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint – including the one that every pet leaves behind.

Eco-friendly equipment for your pet

We offer customers the highest quality eco-friendly pet accessories, for which we use recycled materials. These products are fully safe for both pets and their owners, functional, elegant and modern. In our shop you will find a charming bed in powder pink, an elegant grey kennel or a practical carrier bag. The choice of colours and designs is wide. Check out our range and see for yourself that being eco doesn’t mean making sacrifices, it just means making conscious choices!

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